Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 28 – 13 This Monday was Special at LCCC!

Paul (left) takes on Aaron while Gus watches.
We had seventeen (17) participants on a stormy and rainy evening. 

It was a fun evening of chess - and story-telling - as we had a surprise visitor to the Club.

Paul Covington, from Colorado, is traveling the United States in his mobile home with his lovely wife Nell. He is visiting at least one chess club in each state and playing in tournaments along the way!

Paul picked LCCC for his Michigan stop because he saw us on the United States Chess Federation club listing, and had read on this blog what a nice facility we have for chess. Since we are not exactly on the state border and Paul’s next tournament is in Chicago, LCCC is proud he visited us!

Mr. Covington took on most of the top players in attendance at LCCC in some 10 minute chess and he gave as good as he got. Everyone had a great time and Paul’s stories of his travels and experiences in chess tournaments across the country were entertaining to listen to.
Paul stated he was impressed with the age ‘variety’ we have at LCCC – which he noticed stretches all the way from grade school to graduating “gray” school.

Paul has a website – PaulsChessMarch .com– so you can check that out. He and his wife  are blogging about their trip and posting pictures of his travels. He says they are having a blast! Thanks for visiting LCCC Paul!

The Covingtons will also be at the US Open in July-August, along with LCCC's club president. So our paths will cross again!

Editor's Note: Sorry for the delay in posting. Serious computer programs almost wiped everything out. But all is fine again. Just two days of repair is all. The Amateurs Mind final installment will be here soon!

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