Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday Sees LCCC Set Yet Another Attendance Record!

Twenty-seven players were on hand Monday for the casual play, a ladder game, some chess lessons and just a fun time on a wet and cold Monday evening.

Close to half of our members are under driving age, so if you are a parent with a chess playing kid, LCCC is the place to be! We have players of all ages and strengths, and we offer free instruction too! Stop on by.

Terry G. and Mike N. are heading to Howell on Thursday to teach chess to a Cub Scout den and hopefully get a few more players to the club on Monday. Either way, it is always a pleasure to spread the world’s best game!

As far as the chess played Monday, Scott M. kept his spot on the top rung of the ladder, while the Ladder got a new player joining it; Tim P. Good luck Tim!
Jason M. was again kind enough to pour over a couple of internet grandmaster games as a training exercise. Thanks Jason!

The 2nd Annual Fall International Chess Festival (FICF) is this coming weekend in Troy, Michigan at the Metropolitan Hotel at 5500 Crooks Rd.

LCCC will be well represented with five to ten players planning to take on the rest of the world. We had a great showing at the Michigan Open earlier this year – led by Vince V. and we expect our club to be a force again.

Possible LCCC entrants into the FICF are; Don J, John R, Ken T, Matt T, Mike N, and Vince V.
Hopefully, we will get a few more!

Even if you don’t play, stop on by and take in some of the chess action. Books and equipment will be for sale and some of the best players in the world will be in attendance (and not just the ones from LCCC!).

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Monday's Action Had it All - League, Ladder and Casual Games

A great night of chess and comradery at the LCCC Monday! We had 19 members present.

Some league games were made up, with Terry G winning, while Don J and Matt T drew their match.

And a ladder game was played where Mike N barely held on to his rung.
The Ladder shrunk by a few rungs as players were dropped for inactivity. But no fear. Simply re-join at the bottom and start the climb again!

It's not hard to stay on the Ladder. One ladder game every 3 weeks either by playing or challenging someone. See the Ladder TD Mike N, if you have any questions.

The exciting news was the addition of 5 new members to the club! We welcome Maxim's dad, and the father - son combos of Ernam and Tim T, and Lucas and Jim P.

This brings LCCC to a record 44 active members and another 20 or so currently inactive.

Come join the fun every Monday night. Winter is coming, so it is the height of the chess season!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Twenty-Two Players Made the Monday LCCC League Night

It was a good night of chess with a nice mixture of players age wise.

League results can be found on the LCCC website (see tab on right side of the blog).

The Ladder tournament saw no action, but quite a few challenges were made to go with the ones still out there. The Ladder action will heat up next week for sure.

If you are here on Monday, get on the ladder. If you are not here for some great chess action, get here!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

LCCC has 21 Players Last Monday

LCCC President Aaron J gives us a report:

“We had a total attendance of 21 people last Monday  with what looked to me like a record number in the under 15 yr old crowd.

Levi and Julia made their second visit with their father Mike, Elliot and his father Dale, the four M. boys were in attendance with both of their parents, and two other boys who were friends of the M. family.

The others in attendance were myself and Scott, Don, Ken Tack, Vince, Terry, and a visitor, that I hope we captured his contact information.

We were in the Senior Center lounge room this week, which worked out alright. No need to set up tables, and easy access to the coffee machines!
Scott M. and I joined the younger players to give some advice and play a few games. I went over some basic checkmates with Marcelo and Levi, first Q and K vs K, then R and K vs K, with special emphasis on making sure you don't stalemate your opponent! By the time we finished Levi had managed to checkmate me with both combinations of pieces.
A fun Columbus day was had by all!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jason M Annotates Mike N's Tournament Loss - Conclusion

After 13. Rb1
 11. Nh4  Bg6
12. Nxg6  hxg6
13. Rb1 ......
See Diagram

White lines up on Black's queen and the b7 pawn, threatening b4. Remarkably, Black can still play
13. ....  b6! for tactical reasons. 14. b4  axb4 
15. Rxb4  Qd8! and the c5 pawn is pinned to the Rb4.

On 14. Cxb6 Qxb6, Black is controlling b4, threatening c5 and has great squares for his rooks at b8 and c8 (supporting c6-c5). Although Black has lost the bishop pair, the Nf3 pin is gone now and attacking d4 is much easier to achieve.

By striking at c5 with b6 and at d4 with e5, Black could generate some counter play. However, he plays the inexplicable;
13: ......   Ne4?
14. Nxe4   dxe4. Now Black has lost more time and has weak pawns all for no gain.

15. b4   Bd8  When you have to play contortions like this, you know something is really wrong. Black's problems are systematic, and they are a direct result of not seeking counter play according to the demands of the position - particularly in the pawn structure.

16. b5  cxb5
17. Rxb5   Now White queues up on the b-file and the b7 pawn is dead.

17. .....  Qc7 
18. Qb3  Ra7 
19. Rb1  Nf6 
20.  Rxb7  Rxb7
21. Qxb7  Qc7 Black is lost at this point but stumbles on.
22. Qxc7  Bxc7
23. Rb7   f5   More weakening with no real point.
24. Bc4  Rf7
25. g3   Re7?
26. Bxd5  exd5
27. Bxa5   Bd6
28. c6   ......

White had a flashier win with:
28. cxd6!   Rxb7
29. Bc7    and the d-pawn cannot be stopped! White won anyway in a few more moves.

Points for study:
>Understand pawn structures is the key to finding the right plan. Study them!
>Space advantages become decisive if you let your opponent develop behind them unopposed. Attack pawn chains at their bases and at the head with pawn levers.
>Seek active counter play as soon as it is safe to do so. Don't wait!

Thanks Jason for this great review. It was very educational.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sixteen Make the Monday Club

Yes, we are doing more game recording at the club!
Our nice and average turn out, and we got to welcome yet another new player, Maxim N. Welcome to LCCC Maxim.
Ladder play continued as Mike N held off a challenge. Don J then challenged Mike N next. We will see that game in two weeks. Then Mike will try for the top spot again against Scott M.

Some ladder games were postponed due to illness, but John R moved up the ladder due to some sharp “Ladderology” and a no show for a challenge. So John has a new set of people to challenge.

In other news, our president Aaron J announced that our club is probably being moved to the room NEXT DOOR to the one we are currently in. Not a big deal, but a little different look and feel.

More of a open lounge type setting as opposed to the tournament hall setting we have gotten used to. It seems some Christmas Choir practice will take our regular room for a few weeks.

It is still a great venue - so stop on by.

Your humble blogger must apologize for the lack of posting last week. Work and life got in the way a little – in addition to the great weather for golf on the one day I did have free. But I will get back at it this week – I hope.

Check back soon!