Saturday, November 25, 2017

Eight Players in LCCC Action Championship - 112017

Chess is the perfect game to play while on the mend.
Eight players entered our 30 minute championship. We will play probably 3 rounds - one every other week - skipping of course Kid's night on December 11.

Hopefully some players will share their games with us.

In the meantime, here is a slug-fest from the 2000 US Championship.

White was GM Alex Yermolinski and Black was GM Gregory Kaidanov.

The players play for victory as the clocks tick down - and the errors by both - go back and forth.
But this is what makes chess so exciting, as the game can turn on every move.

D27: Queen's Gambit Accepted - Classical Main Line
1. d4          d5
2. c4           dxc4
3. Nf3         a6
4. e3           e6
5. Bxc4      Nf6
6. O-O        c5
7. Bb3        Nc6
8. Nc3        cxd4
9. exd4       Be7
10. Re1       O-O
11. h4 !?      ........
From what I have read, this move is a GM Vladimir Kramnik idea. But what would he know? This pawn gets to h6 in a hurry. White's position is very active but no advantage yet.

11. ......        Na5
12. Bc2        b5
13. Qd3       Bb7
14. h5?         Bxf3
15. Qxf3      Qxd4
16. Bf4         b4
White has the appearance of good activity, but the computer Igor3000 - who has no emotional components has Black with a slight lead in the position at (-.4).

17. Rad1      Qc5
18. Re5        Qb6
19. Qg3        bxc3?
20. Bh6        g6?

Position after Black moves 20. ...... g6?

Forced was 20. .....Ne8 21. Bxg7, Nxg7 to keep the game at (+1) for White instead of (+2).

21. hxg6      fxg6?
Igor finds a mate in in 15 for White after the BETTER 21. ....hxg6. As it is White is now up (+3.3). Black is walking a tightrope as one wrong move forces mate. Even correct ones do eventually.

22. Bxg6      Kh8
23. Bxh7      Rf7
24. Bg6        Rg8
25. Be3         c2
26. Rf1         Qxb2?
It was no salvation but 26. ...Qd8 was better. White now up (+3.6).

27. Rxa5?       Nh7?
White's turn to play less than perfect as the clock ticks down. 27. Qh2+ was the move. (+1.6) Now that pinned bishop is a little annoying for White, and Black had better with 27. ....Rh7, 28. Rg5, Rh6. So now White is back to a (+3.7) lead. As I said earlier, this game goes back and forth!

28. Qg4??     .......
Now White has serious problems! 28. Rh5, Bf6 29. Qg4 kept the lead. Now, just like that, White is losing (-1).

28. .......        Rfg7??
Black gives White new hope immediately. Under time pressure, even GM's get rattled. 28. ....Qg7, 29. Rc1, Qxg6 30. Qxg6, Rxg6 was better.

29. Qd4        Qxd4
The game is back to EVEN here. Who offered a draw? Nobody!

30. Bxd4       Bf6
31. Bxf6       Nxf6
32. Rxa6??   .........  
The final error and White makes it. (-7.7) 32. Bxc2 was required.

32. ......         Rxg6
33. g3           Rc8
34. Rc1         Nd5
35. Ra4         Rg7
36. Kf1         Rb7
37. Ke1         Rb1
38. Kd2        Nb4
White resigns    
An exciting game.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Kid's Night (111317) and NPP Action Tournament Starts Next Week

Chess is fun for all.
We had eight players tonight for our Kid's Night.
We welcome two new players to the LCCC family - Olivia and her dad Jacob.

Our Action (30 minute games) start next Monday. Not sure if we will play one or two rounds, but our TD Ken will let us know. Join us for this free tournament. It is a great way to play some semi-serious chess and practice your tournament chops.

LCCC opens at 6pm and the tournament will probably start at 6:30 or 7pm. Get there before 6:30 to be sure to get a seat.

Meanwhile, Don M. gave us another game to review. Don is playing Black and his notes will be in [brackets]. The computer Igor3000 will make comments without brackets.

 Opening: Open Catalan
1. d4          d5
2. Nf3        Nf6
3. c4          e6
4. g3          dxc4
5. Qa4+      Bd7
6. Qxc4      Bc6
7. Bg2        Nbd7
8. O-O        Nb6?
Don threatens to win material with Nb6xc4, but 8. ....Bd6 was better for him. White has a (+.6) lead.

9. Qc2        Be7
10. Nc3      Nbd5
11. a3         Nxc3
12. bxc3     O-O
13. Ne5      Bxg2
14. Kxg2    c5
15. e3?       .........
The first serious error of the game and White makes it. Needed was 15. Qd3, Qd5+ 16. f3, Rfd8 and it is an even game. Instead Black has a (-.4) lead.
[Not the best move for Black. I liked that all of his pawns were on the same color as his bishop.]

15. .......       Rc8
16. Qb2       Qc7
[I don't like his knight and want to exchange it or dislodge it. Plus I was looking at getting on his white squares on his king-side.]

17. a4          b6
18. h3?        .......
Position after White's 18th move. A slight blunder.

Diagram here:

18. .......       Rfd8?
[White's move really weakens his king-side, and his bishop is still bad.]

Correct Don. After White's move Black leads by (-1.2). But Don's response was not the best either. 18. .....Bd6 keeps the full advantage. Instead Black's lead drops to (-.8).
19. Rd1?       Nd7?
[Another piece leaves the king side.] Correct Don (-1.5). Better was 19. a5, Bd6 20. Nf3
But your follow up was not good. Needed was 19. .....Bd6, 20. Nf3, cxd4 21. exd4, Ne4. Instead the lead is only (-.5).

20. Nxd7     Rxd7
21. Bd2       Rcd8
22. Qb5       h6
[I notice his Queen is leaving his king-side]. White intends to play a5.

23. a5          bxa5?
Don falls for it. He needed 23. ....Qb7+. The game is even now.

24. Qxa5      Qc6+
25. Kg1        Qf3
26. Be1        Rd5
27. Qxa7??  ........     
White throws away a close game and Don finishes him off easily.

27.  .......       Rh5
28. h4          Bxh4
29. Qc7        Be7
White resigns
Nice game and thank you Don!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Kids Night This Monday on 11-13-17 at 6pm

White to move and win!

Black to move and win!
This coming Monday is the LCCC Kid's night. Come on by with your little chess players for either lessons with our coaches or casual games with other little chess players. Its fun and it's free!
Come on by.

Meanwhile, here are two puzzles for your practice and enjoyment:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nice Chess Night 110617 - Kid's Night Next Week!

We had seven players and rotated thru casual chess and position studies. A great time had by all.

Kid's Night is next Monday - November 13 - from 6pm to 8pm. Stop on by.

Now a game from one of our members - Don M (1850), playing Black in this game. He supplies his notes and Igor 3000 also adds his 2 gigabytes of comment on the strength of the positions.


        1.      d4                         d5
        2.      c4                          e6
        3.      Nc3                       Nf6
        4.      cxd5                      exd5
        5.      Bg5                       Be7
        6.      e3                          O-O
        7.      Bd3                       Nbd7
         8.      Nge2                     c6
         9.      O-O                       Re8
        10.  Qc2                       h6
11.  Bh4                       Nf8
12.  h3                         Ne4
Black is positionally down a pawn (+1). Better was 12. …Nh5, 13. Bxe7, Qxe7 (+.5).

13.  Bxe7                      Qxe7
14.  Bxe4                      dxe4
15.  Ng3                       f5
The Villian - White - to make move 16.

    16.  Rae1 ?!      Be6
White misses 16. d5!, which threatens the knight getting to attack the c7 square and forking Black’s rooks after 16. …cxd5, 17. Nxd5 or if 16. ....c5, 17 Nb5! (+1.7). Instead (+.2).

   17.  a3                          g6
   18.  f3                          Nge2
   19.  Nge2                     exf3
   20.  Rxf3                      Bd5?
Black missed 20. …Ne6! Which gives Black a slight lead (-.2).  Instead, White now has a (+.8) lead. 
[Don says that at this juncture, “It seems my problem with this game is with my white squared bishop. I decided not to hide it on d7, and instead try to prevent White from playing e4. I think White is better here as he will focus on my d-pawn.”]

21.  Nxd5                     cxd5
22.  Nf4                        Qf7
23.  Qb3                       Rad8
24.  Rc1?                      ……..
The wrong plan. Re-routing the knight via 24. Nd3 then Ne5 was correct. Instead, the game is back to even!

  24…..                         Rd6?
       Black returns the error as 24. …Ne6 25. Nxe6, Rxe6 keeps the game even. (+1).

         25.  Rc5                        Ne6
        [Don adds: "Here is my effort to   release some of the pressure on my d-pawn.]

          26.  Nxe6                     Rexe6
        [Don: "I still feel under pressure!"]
        Igor says; You should as you are  positionally still down a pawn. (+1).

          27.  Rc8+                     Kg7
          28.  g4                          Re7
          29.  gxf5                       gxf5
          30.  Rg3+??                  Rg6
This check hurts White. Needed was 30. Qc2 to stop the loss of advantage and keep the game even. Instead Black takes over at this point. (-.7) and White falls apart after losing the thread of the game and his advantage.

31.  Rxg6+                   Qxg6+
32.  Kh2??                    f4!
33.  Rc3                        Qg3+
34.  Kh1                       f3
35.  White resigns