Thursday, April 25, 2019

LCCC News and Events - 042519

Chess is always a great way to spend time with a friend.

Livingston County Chess Club News and Events
  1. Next Event - April 22th  - 960 Tournament – 45 minute game – 5 second delay if possibl.
We will play every other week, for 3 or 4 rounds, depending on the number of entries.
This is a fun and event so be sure to be here on April 29th to get in the tournament. There is still time to enter!

  1. Kid’s Night on May 13thBring the younger chess players on this night as the Club is focused on them on the 2nd Monday of every month! 
  2.  Ladder Tournament – is up and running!  Rules are available by the sign in sheet.
You simply look at who is above you on the Ladder and challenge them to a game!
If you win, you move to the space above them. 
If you draw, you move to the space below them. 
If you lose, you stay where you are

If your opponent does not show or play you for 2 consecutive open nights of chess, you also move above him. HINT: This is a little bit of Ladder Strategy

It’s just a little bit of fun motivation to have when playing your casual games!

Upcoming Local Tournaments
May 5 – Lansing Mini-Swiss
May 18 – Canton Chess Tournament
May 18 – 2nd Annual Grand Rapids Spring Classic
May 19 – TYASCC Quads – Troy Public Library
May 21 – Genessee County CC Blitz Championship – Eastside Senior Center, Flint
June 8 – 9 – 2019 Michigan Amateur – Lansing

Now here is a fine finish by the Club's own Don Mason, playing White in the 2019 Michigan Senior Open. Notes by the chess computer Igor3000.

Don Mason with White has just played 44. Ke3 to Kd4 and the game is EVEN.

As we pick up the action, both players are in a little bit of time trouble. 

Both have about 4 minutes left on their clocks, in a 90 minute Game time limit with a 30 second increment. 

This means each player had 90 minutes to defeat their opponent and after every move 30 seconds was added back on your clock.

Your scribe is not a fan of this type of time control as players will often move their kings back and forth twice - or a similar maneuver to gain a minute on each clock. And this can - and has - happened several times is several games. 
But rules are rules and this was the time limit for this event.

Igor must mention that the game is even now, but if Don would have seen 44. d6, White calls the shots the rest of the way. If 44. ....Rb3+, then 45. Kd2 and Black will have a very hard time with that d-pawn. However, time pressure is on and although MAYBE back and forth rook shifts could add time to the clocks, neither player goes that route.

44. .......          Rxh2
Looks the strongest but 44. ....Rd2+  45. Ke5, b3 kept the game even. This line loses Black's only trump - the passed pawn. (+.8)

45.  Rxb4       Kf8
The same 45. ....Rd2+ is needed worse than ever. 46. Ke5, Ra2. Now (+1.4).

46. Ke5           Rd2??
Now it does not work after two lost tempos. 46. ....Ra2 was now the move to try and hold. Now (+4.6).

47. Kf6          Ke8
48. Rb8+       Kd7
49. Rf8          g5?
Better for White was 49. Rb7+ and its over after 49. .....Ke8  50. Rxf7.
And Black is now floundering missing 49. .....h5 giving a slight chance for play. 50. Rxf7+, Ke8  51. Kxg6, Rd3. (+6)

50. Rxf7        Ke8
51. Rh7         Rf2
52. Rxh6       Rxf3+
53. Kxg5       Kd7
54. Rf6          .........
White seals the deal with 54. e5, but Black is lost at this point regardless.

54. ........        Rg3+
55. Kf5          Rg8
56. e5            Rg1
57. Rf7+        Ke8
58. Ke6         Rg6+
59. Rf6          Rg7
60. d6            Black resigns

A nice win in time pressure Don!