Tuesday, July 30, 2013

LCCC at the US Open – Day 2

$6 Scholastic
Today was practice day. A little warm up with a game in 30 minute Quad. The results of that little event will follow.

I first have to clear up a minor mistake. The chess retailer at the US Open is Rochester Chess Center from Rochester, New York. Their website is  “chessset dot com”. The signs in the lobbies and on the door leading into the room where they are set up says “The Chess Store” – so I assumed it was the same folks on line with that name. Not so.
$10 upgrade
Rochester Chess Center has supplied the chess sets for the US Open as part of the agreement with the US Open to be the chess vendor at the event. Since nearly 500 sets and boards are needed, this is no small commitment.

As I looked around, watched some games and then played in the quad event, I noticed that there are THREE different sets in use. In picture order, The scholastic set ($6) – made by Rook-Pawn Products is the most supplied – probably 400 of the sets.

Then there is the other standard plastic set – also from Rook – Pawn ($10)

Almost wood.

And last the “wood” sets used on the electronic boards on the top boards. They are not real wood, but a composite and I did not find out who made those.

All three sets are very light weight. Almost feel hollow.

Another strange thing is that the kid’s scholastic top boards have the electronic boards and wood pieces. The other kid’s tourneys have the $10 sets. The actual US Open boards have the $6 sets on them. Also, the boards are not marked as US Open 2013. They are bland standard green and buff boards. They are treating the kids like royalty - and that is fine by me!

These sets will be sold cheap or simply mothballed for next year’s US Open is what one of the tournament directors told me.

As for my day, it started with a western omelet, hash browns and coffee, and then a review of what to play when I have the Black pieces. 1st round – I have Black! Ah…..memory will be as fresh as possible.

I steal a pawn in the opening and just gobbled another one when this was the position (see diagram). Remember, this is only a 30 minute time limit and both of us have under 5 minutes left.
24. Qd1    c3!
Kind of seals the White King in a pawn tomb.
25. g3?  ……
25.  …..Bc6 straight away probably wins too, but the actual moves I make gives my opponent no chance at counter play. Let’s work on a mate in two.
25.  …..     Qc5!
26. Qc1    Bc6
Better now because the b-pawn has Queen support.
27.  Bg2    Bxg2
28.  Rd1    Bd5
Closing off that open file that I can’t take because of my hanging g – pawn, but also aiming at the a2 square. My opponent makes the final mistake in severe time pressure.
29.  a3?     Qc4!
30.  Rxd5   Qxd5
Taking with the Queen to protect that g-pawn in order to free the rook for guard duty of another hanging pawn.
31. Qg1     Ra8  (told you)
32. Qe3     Qd1 +
33.  Ka2??    Qxc2+
34.  Ka1      Qb2 mate

In the second round, I drew with the eventual Quad winner. I was a pawn up in a very locked up position and was behind in time 8 minutes to 4. He offered a draw and I took it.

Round three: I had to win – and so did my opponent. The result; we played until just the kings were left on the board. Another draw.

The other game was over and my 2 points out of a possible three was good for second place alone….and worth nothing.

On to dinner at TGIF Friday’s. Ribs and cole slaw with a McDonalds $1 dipped in chocolate cone for dessert. Then back to the hotel to watch the start of Round 3.

Tomorrow starts my US Open round – starting at 7pm. I will study and rest until then.
Wednesday thru Friday will be the killer days. Noon and 7pm rounds. Ouch!

Sorry for the mess of this posting earlier. I need to blog off the newer computer when downloading these many pictures. Good thing I brought two.

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  1. Thanks for the updates! I hope you have time to take a walk on State Street and by the capitol downtown (it is at one end of State Street, U of W campus at the other) before you leave--trust me--- I lived in Madison for 3 years! Good Luck in the tournament! -Scott R.