Thursday, February 18, 2021

LCCC to Try to Re-open! Details Below

For a couple reasons, LCCC is going to try to kick start the Club again on March 1, 2021. Our new and hopefully temporary location being the Buffalo Wild Wings at the Green Oaks Shopping Center in Brighton. Just off the Lee Rd exit off of US-23 (Exit 58) south of I-96. It is on the North East side of US-23. I will be there to greet chess players at 4pm. This location is open until 11pm! 

Reason 1: We already started the "kick-off" on February 15 as there has been a lot of interest generated by new members graciously 'forcing' themselves on us. And for that, the President of the club thanks you!

In attendance were new members John, Varun and Vaso! Long time members Marcello, Luca, Vince V. and your humble scribe Mike, were also in attendance. Now it is my duty to try and lure back the rest of the group!

My research thru multiple trips to this location on every night of the week (I am thorough....and I like wings! It has nothing to do with the ice cold beer they serve there, ok?) has determined that Mondays are slow enough and tables are ample enough for our chess club to meet there and play.

But your President faces a dilemma. The Club has not officially asked this BWW location whether or not they want a chess club moving in on them on Monday night. I guess we will see. 

Right now I am running under the assumption that it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Besides, if you order a little dinner and/or drink (coffee, pop or adult variety), I am sure we will be welcome. 

The club officers will have to monitor the crowd level to see if we seem to  be taking up profitable table space. We may have to make a determination at that time as to vacate before being asked to. There was no such issue last Monday night, but our group was only 8 strong, that included 2 spectators. Our average attendance is 12, but we sometimes balloon to 18 or more. This could be an issue.

But IF we ask the BWW management for permission, they might say no (that would be my guess). That would leave us with no site at all. So we are moving in without an invitation, which puts us at risk of not having a location again at any minute. That is the dilemma.

Reason 2: Our old location at the Senior Center has declared that they do not see opening up for evening activities any time in 2021. We as a club have been shut down almost a year. It is time to make some real decisions.

Reason 3: The Club officers and members have to have some place to meet as we have some things on the agenda. These would include;

1. Deciding whether the Club Championship for 2021 will be held on or live, 

2. What to do with the Club Treasury Funds, if anything,

3. Club dues requirements if any for 2021.

4. Club Officer nominations for 2021, 

5. Club Officer meetings on a Club Location decision. Our old location does not see evening activities opening up in 2021 at all. So, we have to brainstorm some options.

Even if we use March 1 to decide where and when to hold a real Officer's Meeting, that would be fine.

Anyway, it was great to sit down at a board again for live casual chess! Our new members are fantastic people and chess players! 

Hope to see more of you on March 1.