Tuesday, July 2, 2013

LCCC Week 26-13 and an Amateur’s Mind Installment

It was a rainy night and we had ten players. A disappointing turnout considering the weather, but that happens sometimes. It was still a nice night of chess.
Just a reminder to everyone thinking of stopping by; there is no cost what so ever to come on in and play some chess on Monday night. We do graciously take a $1 donation if you would like to donate to the Hartland Senior Center to cover the cost of the lights and building, but it is not mandatory.
So, stop on by and get reacquainted with the best game in the world.

Now back to the article by IM Jeremy Silman:  Amateur’s Mind: a 1500’s Analysis:
Take a look a post back and we showed a game between Alekhine (White) and Marshall (Black) and how Alekhine knew what was important in the position and won a fine game. Here, a 1500 player (not your humble scribe by the way) takes the same position against Jeremy, and can’t hold it. The speaker is in brackets
[1500] White has a space advantage. Black has the more active queen, but it could turn out to be a target. White can activate his majority with tempo by playing f4. How to do this?  I’ll castle and then play f4.
[JS] To his credit, he notices the advantages that an active central majority can bring. Unfortunately, he neglects to take Black’s plans into account.
1. O-O   Be6
2. f4      Qd4+
It is worth noting here that Alekhine was very careful not to give his opponent this square!
3. Kh2    O-O-O
[1500] I should have prevented this! I’ll play 4. Rf3. What else can I do? No, that is too passive.
4. Bc2    Qe3
[1500] Can’t play 5. Qe2 because of Qxe2 and then 6…..Rd2. I need to trade queens!
5. Qf3   Qxf3
6. Rxf3   Rd2
[1500] Ouch! Now I have to defend my bishop.
[JS] Ever since Black placed his queen on d4 and castled queenside, White has forgotten his own plans and done nothing but fend off his opponent’s threats. This all stemmed from White’s refusal to look for Black’s plan on the first move.
Next installment: A view from a 1700 player. Let's see how he does.

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