Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday Moanin’ – Ten Players and a Room Change

Things did not go as smoothly as Faldo had hoped this Monday night.
Players were greeted with a much longer than usual walk to our playing quarters. Ousted from our usual spot due to a dance competition, LCCC was moved to the other side of the building. The room was fine and adequate for us, and play commenced after a slight delay to find the place.

We expect to be in our usual room next week.
On a positive note we welcome a new player to LCCC – Andrew K. Andrew has a rating of over 2000 and we are glad to add him to the LCCC team. His arrival gave us a total of ten players on this hot ‘soon to be summer’ night, and 33 active members of our 55 members.
Our Ladder Challenge began with a whimper, rather than a bang. Two challenges were completed. One resulted in a ladder move of one spot with a tight and lightly disputed time clock forfeit – which we will discuss in the next post.

Tom H. def. Ken L
The other challenge was decided quickly on a challenge decline – with the win automatically going to the challenger.

Mike N. def. Terry G. (DQ)
No other challenges were issued or recorded. So a rather slow start to our new ladder initiative, but Faldo believes it will get rolling. Just the strategy in deciding challenges is fun in itself. And, so you drop in the ladder. Get someone next challenge!
Two new rules will be added to the Ladder Challenge rules. One will state that, “If no legal challenge can be made for that night’s play after 6:30 pm, a player may challenge the next player up the ladder that is available for play that night. Of course the challenged player still has two weeks to accept (ladder strategy?).”
And, “Should a player successfully jump over previously challenged opponents, those challenges are made null and void.” Obviously you cannot challenge a player that is under you on the ladder.
There will probably be more ‘tweaking’ to the Ladder Rules, but we promise to keep it to one page - in standard type. Rule sheets will be available at every meeting.

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  1. I really like the ladder system in general. I think it would have been better if the initial ranking had been based (roughly) on club seniority, with the longest attending members at the top and the newest members at the bottom.

    One question: When a challange has been made, how is the clock set when one player wants a quick game and the other player prefers a long game? Seems like the rules on selecting time for a game are a bit vague.