Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Record Setting Night at LCCC!

Boring!!! We just keep setting attendance records. And in the summer! After all, it is not exactly chess season.

Twenty-two players, including two new members! We welcome Garyn F. and Steven H. Welcome guys.

The Ladder competition is finally starting to heat up! Four challenge matches were played and another three challenges already posted.

The best way to attack the Ladder, is to get to the club early! See who is within four rungs above you and pick your target.

Challenge someone who is above you that has arrived if you want to play right away.

OR, at 6:30, if NO ONE in the ladder 4 above you is present, you may now challenge the first player up the ladder you see that is present! The challenge is valid even if the player is in a game of puts off your match until another week.

But before starting that game, go ahead and write in your challenge to your choice of the four players above you. That way the challenge is made and they have that week and two more to play you.
Meanwhile, if you win your game against that higher player that was available, your other challenges are cancelled as you flew over those no – shows.

Challenges can be withdrawn by the challenger, but the person challenged must play within 3 weeks of the challenge.

The higher the rung, the bigger the target gets on a player’s back. Such is life on the rough and tumble world of a chess club ladder.

It all may sound a little confusing, but it really isn’t. The main idea is to get everyone having a chess game with everyone else. That’s really all it is for.

A special thanks to Ken L., Terry G. and Andrew K. for the lessons and instruction given to players during their matches with those players. It shows a sportsmanship and friendliness that is the hallmark of LCCC.

Hope to see the same familiar faces and even some more new ones next week! We are open on July 2!
See you then.

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