Friday, June 15, 2012

LCCC Shirts, Hats, T-Shirts, etc – and Where to Order Them

The blog master was strutting around the chess club last Monday in an LCCC logoed golf shirt.
The reaction was favorable to the design and the layout of the shirt.
There is a chess king with LCCC over the top of the crown in the left shirt pocket area is (no pocket however), and “Livingston County Chess Club” sewn subtlety, yet distinctly on the right sleeve.
Here is where Faldo ordered the shirt:
LogoSportswear dot com
The Saved Design number is #3873847
Just pick your golf shirt brand, style and color and give them that Design Number and it will match what Faldo had on Monday.
You can order on line or call them. It is a nice website and it lets you design your own shirt - right on line!
Faldo is considering ordering some ball caps, with just the pocket emblem on the bill. Let me know if anyone else would like one and we can get a volume and shipping discount.


  1. Great looking shirt and high quality too. Thanks for the link

  2. There is a 10% discount and free shipping on orders over $100 for this weekend. Most shirts have a roughly 20% discount if at least 12 of the same design are ordered.

    If enough people are interested, we could order a dozen T-shirts at a very affordable cost per shirt.