Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LCC Blog Comment Section is Fixed

The comment section was a little difficult or evasive to use we found out. It asked you for a Google (gmail) account or told you to make one. Or it asked for your registration at some internet destination. As blog-master, I of course had no such issue – so how would I know?

Faldo is sure it was there to stop auto-commenting by spammers. Well, I took that protection off, so commenting is easy now.

Faldo would like to encourage the LCCC members to use the blog comment section to do exactly that! Comment!

It doesn’t have to be on the subject posted necessarily. If you have something you want to tell your Chess Club, this is the place to do it.

Like for instance, let’s say you wanted to praise the fine work of the blog master. That’s fine. But you don’t have to stop there!

You could also;

Show admiration for the blog
Commend the blog master
Extol the virtues of the blog master
Honor the blog master
Eulogize the blog master
Congratulate the blog master
Pay tribute to the blog master
Go into rapture over the blog and it’s master
Applaud the blog master
Shower acclaim on the blog and it’s master
Glorify the blog master
Thank the blog master.

Well, Faldo could go on - and should - but Faldo hopes you get the idea.

Also, if you can think of anything else you want to mention to your Chess Club,
(Faldo certainly can’t think of anything), 
you can comment on what ever THAT is.

Comments may serve as a launching pad for posts - which by the way all members can DO! 
Simply email what you want posted to the lcchess at yahoo email, and it will be posted on the blog. It is that simple! 

Remember, this is the club member's blog - not the blog masters.


  1. Good Deal. It is no fun commenting if it takes more time to log in than it does to write the note.

  2. The "Random Drawing" of the Ladder is completed and will be posted on this blog and at LCCC next Monday! Stay tuned!

  3. Faldo, Are you going to pass out some hard copy at the meeting with the start up rules for the ladder play? Not everyone checks the blog site, even though it is masterful.

  4. Not everyone checks the blog site???????
    That's blasphemous!!!

    Just kidding.
    Yes, I will have our randomly generated ladder AND copies of the Ladder Rules.
    Rules subject to improvement of course.