Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pairings Out for Round 2 in the 2016 LCCC Club Championship

Gene M in Michigan Open tournament action.
We had a late entry, and that late entry - Gene M - won his game!

So now the field is set, since our Tournament Director has to miss this next week.

However, the pairings are made and they look like this:

Board 1: Gene M (W) - Paul M (B)

Board 2: Don J (W) - Vince V (B)

Board 3: Dave K (W) - Mike N (B)

Board 4: John R (W) - Riley B (B)

Postponed Game:  Ken T (W) - Luke S (B), as Ken has to miss next Monday due to business commitments.

There will still be club members in attendance looking for a game, or give a lesson, so stop on by. Or come in and watch the tournament action.

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