Thursday, March 17, 2016

LCCC Club Championship starts Monday, March 21, 2016 – Free Tournament for Everyone!

LCCC players going over a tournament game for knowledge.

LCCC’s Club Championship starts Monday and it is free!

It will be a (5) five round tournament – running every other week! This way it is not an every week commitment.

This will be a really fun even with a chance for everyone to play in a ‘real’ tournament format, without the real tournament pressure atmosphere.

The great thing about a 'new' or 'beginner' player playing at LCCC, is that the more experienced players at LCCC will go over the game with you - to help you get better!
Be at the Hartland Senior Center at 6pm to 6:30pm to be sure to get a seat in this event. The round will start at 7pm.

Again, this event is open to all – so come on by and get into some chess fun!

Now here is a game with some lessons in it.

White to make move 11
11. c3?                  Nc2
For White, c4 was better. Since White can’t stop 11. Nc2 anyway, White should open up the c-file for the rook that will have to move to c1. (-1.7)

12. Rc1                  Nxe3
13. fxe3                Qe7
14. Kf2                  Ne4+?

Black should castle before starting any offensive plan. Black’s main advantage here was that he could castle safely. (-1)

15. Nxe4               dxe4
16. Ne5                 Qf6+?

For Black, Qh4 or O-O-O was safer and better (-.2). The game is now basically even, but White goes off the rails.

17. Kg1                 Qg5
18. Nxg6?             Hxg6
19. Kh1?               Qg3
Position after 19. ........Qg3

White makes two straight errors, and that is usually fatal. This was no exception. 

Opening a file near your king is usually not a good idea. 

Moving your king into a rook X-ray check is usually not a good idea either! (-6)

20.  Rf4                 Qxe3
21. Rg4?                Rxh3+!
22. gxh3               Qxh3+

White walks into a mating net…..and Black sees it.

23. Kg1                 Bh2+
24. Kf2                  e3+
25. Ke1                 Bg3+
26. Rxg3               Qxg3+
27. Kf1                  Qf2#

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