Tuesday, March 22, 2016

LCCC Club Championship Started (032116) - Still Time to Enter!

Boris Spassky (l) and Bobby Fischer ponder their next moves.
Our annual tournament started this Monday and we had nine register for the first night.

There is still time to enter next week. Just be at the club and we will pair you with others still wanting to get in this fun tournament.

We welcomed two new players to LCCC this night! Dave K and Riley B joined our tournament! Great to have you here guys.

This tournament will run every other Monday, with make up games and casual chess on the in between Monday.

So even if you cannot make it on 'game' night Monday, we are flexible enough to allow make ups on the other Monday - IF your opponent can do that for you. And they almost always will!

The whole idea is to play, have fun and learn!
Black to move after White's last move of........ Rec1?

Speaking of learning, while reviewing a game played on line, there was a nice tactic missed. Here is the position.

See if you can see Black's good move.

Now, it is not a slam dunk win tactic, but it gives Black an advantage with a lot of game left.

In fact, maybe Black saw it and decided against it.

Anyway, see if you can spot it.

Answer placed in comment section if requested.

Also, the Club Officer Annual Meeting is Thursday night at Teekos at 6pm. Stop on by if you would like to add your opinion to the discussions.


  1. White has zero activity for his pieces, and the exposed queen on h4 is a problem. Black can pinch a pawn with 1. .. Nxg2! and a much better (probably winning) position in view of white's lack of coordination and king weakness. The tactical refutation of recapturing on g2 is 2. Kxg2?? Rxe2!, and if 3. Kg3 to protect the queen, then 3. .. Rg2+ is a common tactic. Black would be winning with 2 pawns + queen for a rook and knight.

  2. Fantastic to hear from you Jason! Feel free to write some articles and send them my way.