Friday, May 8, 2015

A Beginners Corner Game circa 2003

A lesson as to why King Safety is most important.

1.      e4                    Nf6
2.      Bc4?                d5
White already donates a pawn as Black had 2….Nxe4.

3.      exd5                Nxd5
4.      Nc3                 Nf6
5.      d4                    Bf5
6.      Nf3                  e6
White has almost a pawn lead (+1) positionally.

7.      Bf4?!               c5?
Castling was better for White here. But after Black’s 7th move, White now had 8. d5!, Qxd5 9. Bxd5, Nc6 10. Qe2+, Qe7 11. Bxc6+, bxc6 12. Ne5, O-O-O 13. O-O and White is even stronger positionally (+1.8 pawns) but misses his chance.

8.      dxc5                Qxd1+
9.      Kxd1?             Bxc5
The ninth move for White makes no sense as 9. Rxd1 develops a piece and keeps the castling privilege. Black is now winning slightly (-.2).

10.  Nh4                 O-O
11.  Nxf5                exf5
12.  Bd5?               Rd8!
Position after Black's move 12. White to move.
White’s main problems are the exposure of his king and the sensitivity of the weak f2 square. He can solve at least one of these problems with 12. F3, though in virtue of his faulty 9th move, White cannot expect any advantage.
Now Black can win some material because he can outgun White on d5. This is where White must shift gears mentally and forget about aggression and work on limiting the damage (-2.3).

13.  Bc7?                …….
Not this way for White. 13. Bg5 is the best try. Black will still win material with 13….Rxd5+ 14. Nxd5, Nxd5 but it is not a full piece loss and White can still slug it out if he can activate his rooks.

            ……..              Rd7!
Now White loses a full piece (-4.7).

14.  Bxb8               Rxb8
15.  Ke1?                Nxd5
Wrong as 15. Ke2 was needed to escape the back rank (-7). It is looking bleak for White and Black is merciless.

16.  Nxd5               Rxd5
17.  Rc1?                Re8+
The exposed king comes back to haunt White (-21). Its over.

18.  Kf1                  Rxf2
19.  Kg1                 Rxf2
20.  Rf1                  Rxc2+
21.  Rf2                  Rc1#
Black shows the power of attacking two places at once. Black also gives a lesson in finishing a game.

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