Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1st Monday of May 2015 – 7 Players; Speed Tournament Next Week!

A wrinkled board doesn't stop these guys.

 We will have the 2015 LCCC Speed Chess Championship next week.
If you like speed chess – you have to be here. If you don’t like speed chess, this is a free opportunity to fool around with it. If you have never played speed chess, here is your chance!
You will play eight games! It will be two games against each opponent – and a four round Swiss System.
If you and your opponent each win a game – the match is drawn. A score of 1.5 - .5 counts the same as a 2 – 0 score, and counts as a win.
The tournament will start at 6:30pm. Get here as close to 6pm to assure a seat and to ‘warm up’!
It will be a fun night of chess. Be here!
Now here is a Fischer 960 chess game played on line some time ago. From left (a1) to right – on White’s side of the board – here is how the back rank pieces were placed: RNBKNRQB. Now just mirror Black with the same line-up right (a8) to left.
1.      d4                    d5
2.      g3                    f6
3.      Nc3                 e6
4.      e4                    dxe4
5.      Nxe4               Nc6
6.      Be3                  Bd7
7.      O-O-O             O-O-O
8.      Nc5                 Qf7
9.      Ned3               Nd6
10.  Nxd7               Qxd7

White always has a bigger opening advantage in Fischer 960 chess. But White has been able to push that positional advantage to a full three pawns!
Where is the advantage you may ask? Well, White has two bishops active in the game. Black has none with his black-squared bishop buried on h8 behind his own pawns.
White’s knight can attack Black’s queen, while Black’s knights can attack nothing of that high a value. These little advantages good players notice, and then use those advantages before they disappear. (+3)

11.  Nc5                 Qe8
12.  f4                     Nb4
13.  a3                    Nd5
14.  Rfe1                f5
15.  Bf3                  g6
16.  Qg2                 c6
White has lost some of his advantage as Black has given his bishop some scope and poised his knights into position where they can now do some damage.

17.  Bg1                 Nc7
18.  d5?                  Ne4?
White makes a terrible error. 18. …cxd5 19. Bxd5, Nxd5 20. Rxd5, Qb5! 21. Nxd6, Qxb2+ and Black has a winning attack. But Black missed this.
Sometimes the threat is better than the execution. White now takes full advantage. (4.8)

19.  Bxe4                fxe4
20.  d6!                   Nd5
21.  d7+                  Rxd7
22.  Nxd7               Qxd7
Now White has 23. c4! For a (+5) advantage, but instead only grabs a pawn (+4).

23.  Qxe4               Re8?
24.  c 4                   Qg7
25.  Qe5?                Qf8
When up in material trading pieces is usually a good idea. But White’s more active queen is a big advantage. 25. Bd4 was a better plan for forcing trades.

26.  Qg5                 Nc3
Nice trap set by Black as the Black knight is poison. After 27. Bxc3?? Black is back in the game after 27….Qxa3+ 28. Kd2, Bxc3+
27.  Rd3                 Na4
28.  Bd4                 Nc5
29.  Qxc5               Resigns

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