Friday, July 16, 2021

Sorry Sorry for the Delay in Posting - LCCC Alive and Well - Next OTB Meeting July 26, 2021

 Summer is a tough time to be in the house blogging. Your humble scribe will strive to work harder ...and golf less.

Anyway, LCCC is doing well - both over the board and on line on Chess. com.

Our every other Monday meetings at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Brighton, MI from 4pm until 10pm continue to draw crowds. Both new and old members seem to show up every week.

We had 16 players on June 21 - including 5 new members. We had 15 players on July 12 with another 5 new players! Welcome everyone! See you all again on Monday July 26 at 4pm until 10pm.

And if you would like to play for the Club in Daily (3 or more days to make a move usually) Matches on Chess dot com, feel free to join both the site and the Club for free. The only requirement is that you sign up for some of the matches as the challenges are accepted and don't forfeit! 

Now some endgame analysis for beginners:

So you won the race to queen first, but your opponent is about to queen his pawn to tie the game. How do you stop him?

Well it requires careful handling. But the Queen, if handled correctly, will do the work for you.

1.  Qd1+          Kf2

2. Qd2+           Kf1

3. Qf4+            Ke2

4. Qg3              Kf1

5. Qf3+             Kg1

Mission accomplished. The black king blocks his own pawn so now you are free to move up your Monarch for the surrender or mate.

6. Ke7               Kh2

7. Qh5+             Kg1

8. Qe2                Kh2

9. Qf2                 Kh1

10. Qh4+            Kg1

Again, the white king can move and will soon be close enough to force checkmate!

11. Ke6               Kf1

12. Qf4+             Ke1

13. Qe3+             Kf1

14. Qf3+             Kg1

15.  Ke5              Kh2

16. Qf4+             Kh1

17. Qh4+            Kg1

18.  Ke4              Kf1

19. Qh3               Kf2

20. Qh2               Kf1

21. Kf3                Black resigns

Faced with either:

A) 21. .....g1=Q, 22. Qe2 mate

B) 21. .....g1=N+  22. Kf4, Nh3  23. Ke3, Nf4  24. Qf2 mate

C) 21. .....Ke1   22. Qxg2, Kd1   23. Qb2, Ke1  24. Qe2 mate

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