Tuesday, July 30, 2019

LCCC Preparing for Chess Season 2019-2020

Freddie Bartholomew and Judy Garland play chess in between takes.
The Club has been running every week this summer. We are averaging 10 players a night, so there is always a game to be found.

We had another new player - John M. join the club this week. Welcome John.

We have open chess every Monday night and Kid's Night on every second Monday of the month.

Starting in September, we plan either a Club Chess League or a free tournament of some kind.

We also have a continuous running "Ladder" tournament you can join.
Hope to see you at the Club!

Here is an EVEN endgame where one side thinks he can push thru a win. Sometimes a draw is the best you can do.

38. g3            g4
39. Kd3         Kd5
40. Ke3??      .......
White thinks his c and d-pawns will keep the Black king from moving forward on the queen-side or defending on the king-side. So he goes for the win, which is not there.

40. .......        e5
41. dxe5       Kxe5
42. c6           Kd6
43. Kf4         a4
44. Kg5        b3
45. axb3       axb3
46. Kxh5      b2
47. Kxg4      b1 = Q
48. h4          Kxc6
49. Kg5       Qh7
50. White resigns

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