Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Monday was a Chess 960 (Fischer Random) Swiss Tourney...and a Success!

Chess is chess. Chess is about decisions. Life is about decisions. Chess is life.
Everyone seemed to have a good time with it. It was different. It was challenging. We had some upsets! All in all, it was a fun evening of chess.

The games were a little more ‘serious’ than I thought it would be. Chatting was at a minimum and even a few “shhhhh” were issued. I guess a tournament is a tournament.

With the pieces place in random locations that the players did not even see until they set up and started their clocks, led to the demand for quiet. You had to study the board some before even making your first move!
As I said, there were some upsets, but pretty much the top guns held serve. Here are the standings:
Ken T  3 pts#
Jason M 2 pts
Vince V 2 pts
Tim R 2 pts
Paul M 2 pts#
Scott M 1 pt
Aaron J 1 pt
Gene M 1 pt
Mike N 1 pt
Don J 1 pt
Ken L 1 pt
Tom H 1 pt
Americo M 1 pt
Zade K 1 pt
Marcello M 1 pt*
Luca M 1 pt*
Gabe T 0 pts
Luigi M  0 pts
Zach R   0 pts
Joshua T 0 pts
# Ken T and Paul M will not make the last two rounds and are given ½ point byes – so their totals are final.

*Marcello M and Luca M were absent for rounds 1 and 2, but will play rounds 3 and 4 and were also given ½ point byes, but are in the next two rounds.

Here are the pairings and colors for Round 3 of the Fischer Random / 960 Chess Tourney 
             White          -      Black
1.                     Jason M.      -    Vince V
2.                     Tim R.         -     Scott M.
3.                     Aaron J.       -     Tom H
4.                     Americo M   -     Gene M.
5.                     Mike N.        -     Marcello M
6.                     Zade Koch    -     Don J.
7.                     Ken L            -     Luca M
8.                     Zach R          -     Gabe T.
9.                     Luigi M         -     Joshua T.
Good luck to everyone! Thanks for participating.
11/11 is the Final two rounds of the 960 Swiss.
11/18 is League Night! Don’t miss that!
11/25 is a 5 minute Blitz tournament, so sign up for that!

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  1. That was my very first Fischer 960! I find normal chess sufficiently challenging that I don't have a big desire to play variants, but I have to say that it was fun! Sorry about the "ssshhhh" ing... that was my competitive nature coming out. It's a chess tournament etiquette thing to not do the following:

    * Analyze your games at the same board where you played if there are other games in-progress.
    * Make kibitzes so that players who are still playing can hear them.
    * Make conversation loud enough that it disturbs games in-progress.

    A reminder from the tournament director before the round is always appreciated :-)

    Despite the 1 hour allotted for the games, I was very surprised to see so many games finished so soon. Thanks to Mike for organizing!