Tuesday, September 25, 2012

LCCC Sets Another Attendance Record!

Twenty-three players including five (5) new attendees showed up for some chess action.
We would like to welcome Levi and Mike S, Jack H, Chris M and Jon R to LCCC. Great to have you as members!
That brings us to a total of 37 active members, 8 in-active and 25 MIA. But with chess season here, we might be seeing some old members return.
We had a make-up of a league game with Trent D winning.
The ladder action picked up also with Trent getting a win there also to rocket up the ladder!
Scott M defended his top perch successfully – TWICE!
Don J also won to maintain his lofty ladder status.
Just a reminder that if you have an August 20 challenge still on the list, next week (Oct 1) is your last week to get that game played.
And for everyone’s information – in case you didn’t notice – we now have a Chess Supplies for Sale list on the blog. Any member with equipment to sell can get it listed there. If you have anything you wish to sell, email the club or tell the blog-master and it will get listed.

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