Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LCCC League Starts and it was a HUGE Success!

Although there were a few no-shows for the league’s first night, six league games were played and another ten players showed for casual chess games! That means we set a record for attendance with 22 players! Thanks to everyone for being here.

The league standings will be posted soon on the website and the blog. And some of the more interesting games will be posted also. Stay tuned.

The Ladder Challenge Tournament did not have any action, due to the league going on. But it will start in earnest again next week. One player, Dave S joined and immediately made a challenge to Lamila M., so we are looking forward to that game.

Jason M reviewed some grandmaster games prior to the start of the league, showing some interesting twists and tactics. Thanks Jason!

The next league action is not until October, so there is still time to organize a team (within the league rules), play some make-ups and get involved. If not, there is always the Ladder Tourney or relaxing skittles chess.

Stop on by next Monday.

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