Sunday, September 2, 2012

Report: From the Michigan Open; Day 2

The rounds started on time, the numbers of tables were plentiful and there were boards available to post the rounds on.

However, why there is only ONE posting of the round pairings to look at is still a mystery. It is an absolute zoo at the board. People crowd in to see their pairings to read print font so small, you think you are looking at the loan application to buy a car.

I understand posting results on only one sheet. You can take down the other sheets once the rush is over. But one sheet is just crazy.

And the rudeness at the pairing board is just obscene! Read your name under your color, get your board number and go! Standing there at the start of the round and analyzing who is playing who and where your friends are playing is just stupid.

I literally saw two guys standing in front of the pairing board for round 3 for over three minutes at the start of a round! No one could read around them. What the heck are they looking at? They were just lucky my knuckles were still sore from punching out the guy that did that in round 2.

On to the action. Round 2:

Mike N (me) got a perpetual queen check draw on a much higher rated player (150 points) on move 10! Not exactly fighting chess I grant you, but I didn’t like the other options. (1-0-1)

Ken L. lost position early and that got turned into a knight pin later on that resulted in a real loss. (0-2)

Vince V. won a tough game basically the same way. He turned a positional advantage into a passed pawn and victory. (1-1)

Round 3:

Mike N. got rolled in 27 moves due to 10. …..a5, post analysis showed. And it did not look like a death nail when played, but it was obvious my opponent knew what to do after I played it (270 points higher than me). I want to get to that point – where he is! (1-1-1)

Ken L. lost another king-pawn endgame. Yes, he knows where he has to do some work. (0-3)

Vince V. won a beautiful game by taking control of the center, then dismantling his opponent’s king side. (2-1)

John R. joined us by entering the 3-day event. Didn’t see him play his first two games as our schedules didn’t cross. (1-1) And we left before his 3rd round game was over. It looked like a battle! But I will get a full report today and let you know tomorrow!

LCCC is (4-6-1)

AND A REMINDER! LCCC is CLOSED Monday for Labor Day.

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