Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Six Players on a Cold Snowy Night - 031317

Chess study is a lot more fun than school study. But they help each other.
Your humble scribe could not make it due to work commitments, but chess was still available on a cold and unpleasant evening.

Many chess sites like to show the games of Bobby Fischer. I try to go with his fellow world champion - Boris Spassky.

Here is a game where he calmly and with just classic chess play, disassemble a opening novelty by his opponent.

Notes by Andrew Soltis or [Igor 3000].

Team Championships - 1962
Mikenas (Lithuania) - Spassky (Leningrad)
Nimzo-Indian Defense

1. d4         Nf6
2. c4         e6
3. Nc3      Bb4
4. e3         b6
5. Qf3?!    ..........
An odd move played on occasion by Mikenas and Tolush, two players of pronounced originality. Presumably the idea is to bring the Queen too g3.
[Black takes a -.3 of a pawn positional advantage already. 5. Bd2, Bb7 is normal and equal here.]

5. ........       d5
6. Bd3      ...........
This move is too early. White should wait until Black commits his bishop to b7. Better was 6. Nge2, O-O.

6. .......       Ba6!
White never recovers from the loss of initiative that follows this move. The next move is an admission of guilt.

7. Bd2       c5
8. dxc5      Nbd7!
This breaks the counter-pin on Black's d-pawn and secures a lasting attack. Again, 9. Qe2 leaves White poorly placed after 9. .....Ne5.

9. Be2          Bxc4
10. cxb6       O-O
11. Bxc4       .........

White draws the line here. Continuing to eat pawns would leave Spassky with an excellent game - which, by the way, he has anyway.
[Black with a two pawn positional lead (-2).

11. ........        Ne5!
12. Qe2         dxc4
13. Nf3?        Nd3  [-2.5]
14. Kf1         axb6
15. Be1?       Bxc3!
The simplest win for Black is to bring the knight to e4 and invade on the d-file. [-3.3]

16. bxc3        Ne4
17. Nd4         e5?

[Spassky missed 17. ......Qf6 and the future world champion could relax after 18. Kg1, e5 19. Nf3 [-3.7]. Instead, [2.9]].

18. Nc2?         Qf6
19. f3              Rfd8
20. Kg1          Nxe1
21. Nxe1?       Nxc3
The only real alternative was 21. Qxe1 [-3.6 instead of -6].

22. Qxc4        e4!
The threats on the new diagonal are too much and even 23. Kf1 loses to Nd5! Moving the rook loses to Rac8 and anything else drops the exchange to the knight check. So,

23. White resigns

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Nice Night of Casual Chess - 030617

Eleven players were on hand for some chess. We were able to welcome back some players that had not been to the club in a while. It was good to see them again.

The wonder of a chess club is that when life allows and the mood for a game a chess hits, the Club is there like an oasis. Stop by sometime and rest yourself. Stay for a spell.

Now for a puzzle.

Western States Open - 2003 - Slava Mikhailuk versus Thomas Dorsch. 

White to move - and gain a big advantage.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Quiet Night at LCCC - 022717

The cold and blistery weather may have hampered attendance. Your humble scribe had to work OT and could not even be at his favorite location on Monday night.

This game is not a classic, but it does ....indirectly......shows the beauty of chess.

1. d4         f5
2. Bf4       Nf6
3. e3         e6
4. Nf3       d5
5. Be2       Bd6
6. Ne5       O-O
7. Nd2       c5
8. c3          Nc6
9. O-O      Qe8

You cannot see it without a computer, but there has not been a "best move" made yet in this game. Matter of fact, many of the moves were not in the top 3. However, none of the moves were 'bad' and were actually less than (.2) of a pawn from the best move.

This is why chess is such a great game. No two games are ever the same.

White is up (.8) of a pawn, according to Igor3000. As a matter of fact, in this position, there are now 15 possible moves for White that do not destroy his current positional advantage.

However, at this point, Black begins to really drift from the top move list.
10. Ndf3        h6?!
11. Nh4         Bxe5?!
Screaming to be played by Black was 11. .....g4.

12. dxe5        Nd7
13. Bh5         Qd8
14. Ng6         Rf7
15. Qf3         Qc7?
16. Qg3         Nf8
17. Bxh6       gxh6???
18. Ne7+       Kh8
19. Qg8++

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Action Tournament Completed

White to checkmate Black in 2 moves. White to move.

The Action Tournament was completed tonight and we had a 3 - way tie for 1st place!

Ken Tack
Paul Mills
Mike Nikitin

They all finished with a 2.5 out of 4 record. Congratulations to the three of you.

Casual chess will be on the calendar for the rest of February and March. Stop by for some chess fun.

Here are a couple puzzles for your enjoyment!

White to checkmate Black in 2 moves. White to move.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Open Chess 021317 - Action Tournament Concludes Next Week

#2 in the world - USA's Fabiano Caruana
We had open chess this week and it was a nice evening of chess and conversation.

Next week our Action Tournament will be concluded. But don't worry if you are looking for an opponent or a lesson. There are always other members around to offer either.

Here we have an entertaining game from our Action Tournament. Now this is a tournament in which each player has 30 minutes on his clock. This faster time limit usually leads to exciting games, with plenty of errors [according to the computer Grandmaster Igor3000], especially near the end of the game.

But those small errors do not mean the game was not well played or very spirited. This game was both!

Paul M vs Vince V, LCCC Action Tournament 2017, Round 2, 30 minute game - 5 second delay.
A05: Reti Opening - Notes by Igor3000

1. Nf3        Nc6
2. g3          Nf6
3. d3          e5
4. Bg2       Bg2
5. O-O       h6
6. e4          O-O
7. c3          d6
8. a4          a5
9. Nbd2     Re8
10. Re1      Be6
11. Nf1      Bg4
12. Ne3     Bh5
The game is even at this point.

13. Qb3        Qd7
14. h3         Bxf3
15. Bxf3      g6??

Position after Black played 16. ........g6??

This gives White strong winning chances. Better for Black was 15. ......Qxh3, 16. Qxb7 Ne7 which is much closer to even than the text move (+1.7 of a pawn lead for White).

16. Ng4       ..........
White avoids the poison pawn of 16. Qxb7??, Bxe3 17. Qb3, Bxc1 18. Rexc1, Rab8 and Black has a won game (-5).

16. ......        Nxg4
17. Bxg4     Qe7
18. Bxh6      Qf6
19. Be3       b6?
Needed was 19. ....Nd8. Now White is dominating with a (+3.8 pawn advantage). But now the moves come faster as time is winding down. White begins to give back the advantage he has built.

20. Qd1?      ..........
White missed 20. Bd7 which secures the win. Now a series of 2nd and 3rd best moves by both sides as clock time is winding down.

20. .......        Rad8
21. Qe2        Kg7
22. Kg2       Qe7
23. h4          Rh8?
24. Rh1?     Rdg8
25. Raf1      Qd8
26. Qd2        d5
27. d4          exd4
28. Bxd4=?  .........
This error throws away the last chance for a win. 28. cxd4 and is becomes clear that White will call all the shots after .....Be7, 29. e5. Instead the game is even with very little time on either clock.

28. ........      Nxd4
29. cxd4      dxe4
30. Rd1       Bb4
Draw agreed to. Exciting game gentlemen!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

2017 Action Round Robin Tourney Continues - 020617

White to checkmate in 2 moves!

We had another fun night of chess at LCCC.

We had tournament action to watch. We had casual games played. We had chess lessons given. We had ten players tonight to enjoy it all.

We also welcomed two new players to the LCCC club.Welcome Ryan and Steven R!

Now for a puzzle clipped from a newspaper.

It is a newspaper from Sweden.

It was from a chess article, in a newspaper, in Sweden ....from 1929!

Enjoy - and no using engines. Solution will be placed in the comment section - probably by Dr. Morris.