Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Report on the Michigan Open: Final Day

Finishing the report of yesterday; John R drew a long game in round 5 and moved to 3-1-1. Nice job John. That moves LCCC to (8-10-2).
Ken L. withdrew from the tournament because of exhaustion. Three straight days of long rounds of chess can do that to you.
Round 6 ended early for John R as he took a quick draw. Just as well as he was probably tired from last night’s marathon anyway.
Mike N. won a pawn in the middle game and was forcing a win, when his opponent hung a rook. So much for the drama after that.
Vince V. also won a pawn in the middle game but he was not so fortunate. He had a long hard road in order to get the victory! But it was a victory none the less.
LCCC now stands at (10-10-3).

Round 7: Mike N. offered a draw at move 16, and was graciously turned down. The very next move, his opponent tried something that cost him a pawn, and positional equality. Twelve moves later, when the villain is two pawns down with two doubled pawns and an isolated pawn in the center, he asks if I still want the draw – tongue in cheek of course.
John R. got in bad time trouble, then hung a rook and lost on time anyway. I think the late round 5 game finally caught up to John. As I said, tournament chess is a strain on a person.
Vince V. also offered his opponent a draw at move 20 and it was rudely declined. I think the term used was, “No way!”
But as his opponent moved his rooks and Queen back and forth and up and down on a shut down queenside, Vince slowly and methodically started a king-side attack. His opponent, in a little time trouble and seeing the approaching storm, resigns.
Vince had several ways to mate or steal material with his building attack, but at the post-mortem at Buffalo Wild Wings later, Mike N. found a defense that returned the position to the town of Drawville.
Too bad for that guy. He didn’t get that draw. NO WAY!
Just a note on turning down draws. It’s ok to do so if you think you have an advantage, either in the game or talent-wise. But you don’t have to try and win the game immediately after turning down a draw. I have seen this many times, and actually it is a fair tactic to use to throw an opponent off. Players tend to push the issue after declining a draw offer. It's like they feel they have to justify the turning down of your offer.
Many players immediately think they must have an advantage if you are offering them a draw and try to push the position immediately after your offer is made. It is a natural response, so don’t fall for it yourself. If you turn down a draw offer, slow down. And don’t be too proud to offer it yourself if it still looks like a draw later.

LCCC finished the tourney at (12-11-3).
Vince V went (5-2)
John R went (3-2-2)
Mike N went (3-3-1)
Ken L went (1-4)

It was a great time and more members should take advantage of playing in a tourney with other club members. It’s nice to have someone around to share the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat with. Not to mention the car pooling!


  1. If you could post any of the games from the Michigan Open, I would enjoy looking at them and annotating.

  2. Great! I'll be glad to. uh.....who are you? lol

  3. If anyone would like any of these games on the web site bring the record sheets to the Monday meeting, or email them to me and I can post them on the web site.