Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sixteen Make the Monday Club

Yes, we are doing more game recording at the club!
Our nice and average turn out, and we got to welcome yet another new player, Maxim N. Welcome to LCCC Maxim.
Ladder play continued as Mike N held off a challenge. Don J then challenged Mike N next. We will see that game in two weeks. Then Mike will try for the top spot again against Scott M.

Some ladder games were postponed due to illness, but John R moved up the ladder due to some sharp “Ladderology” and a no show for a challenge. So John has a new set of people to challenge.

In other news, our president Aaron J announced that our club is probably being moved to the room NEXT DOOR to the one we are currently in. Not a big deal, but a little different look and feel.

More of a open lounge type setting as opposed to the tournament hall setting we have gotten used to. It seems some Christmas Choir practice will take our regular room for a few weeks.

It is still a great venue - so stop on by.

Your humble blogger must apologize for the lack of posting last week. Work and life got in the way a little – in addition to the great weather for golf on the one day I did have free. But I will get back at it this week – I hope.

Check back soon!

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