Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fifteen Players Re-Open LCCC after the Labor Day Week

Our outstanding facility is closed on holidays, so LCCC was dark last week. But we were back at it last night, with an average attendance night.

One ladder game as Mike N stopped Vince V from climbing the ladder quickly with a hard fought draw result. This was no small feat as Vince is in top form after a 5 win showing at the Michigan Open last weekend.

Just a reminder, there are some ladder challenges (dated 8/20) that according to the rules, need to be played within the next two Mondays.

With the league starting on the second Monday, it may be tough to get the games in. We didn’t have a league when the Ladder Rules were written. So, the Ladder TD is extending the date for the 8/20 ladder challenges to be played on or by 10/1.

There were some casual games played, but a lot more game reviews going on than usual. Some had GM games they were looking over and others had Michigan Open games to review. I think this is all in preparation for LCCC league that starts in a couple weeks.

Jason M was nice enough to analyze and annotate a couple of losing games played by Mike N and we went over them at the club. It was a very informative review that will help everyone who listened to the autopsy of a loss.

The game featured some counter-attack tactics, which even though failed during the game, led to some fun analysis of “what ifs”, including turning this loss into a draw and even a win! Lots of very instructive notes hit upon.

Look for Jason’s analysis to be posted right here, and for some games to be posted on the website shortly!

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