Monday, September 3, 2012

Report From the Michigan Open; Day 3

Somebody is reading the LCCC blog! Tournament postings now put up in two places!

Finishing the report of yesterday; John R won a long game in the last round and moved to 2 – 1. Nice job John. That moves LCCC to (5-6-1).

Round 4 did not start out well for LCCC thanks to Mike N. Obvious tournament rust causes me to fall into an opening trap that featured a ‘family fork’ opportunity, and resignation came after only 17 moves. Ouch!

Then another ouch! Vince V. had an over-whelming position and over-looked an easily defended counter-punch losing the exchange and a pawn and resigns.

Ken L. played his best game of the tournament seizing center control as his opponent lunched on a few useless pawns. Ken countered with his center and g-file control to eventually win back more material and then finish his opponent off in the endgame.

John R. was in monster time trouble in a tough middle game. Not only did he survive that, but he wrestled control away from his opponent, then won his endgame in another marathon.

LCCC is now (7-8-1).

The four of us left the venue for lunch just before Ken T. showed up to see his fellow LCCC'ers in action. But with the next round not til much later and none of us around, there was not much to see. But thanks for stopping by Ken T.

Round 5 not only had a late start because of the Michigan Chess Association elections, but then the round started late because of some last minute withdraws and new board pairings.

In this round Ken L. went pawn hunting and that took his queen out of his opponent’s attack zone. It did not end well for Ken.

Vince V. won the exchange on move 6 and took care of business after that.

Mike N. played a much better game than last round and made the decision to go for the win rather than play it safe. But my opponent never made a mistake and I could not take advantage of the holes I made in his defenses sacrificing the exchange (rook vs bishop). I could not turn it into a win. I guess nothing was really there in the first place, and I got grounded down to a lost endgame.

We could not find John or his result before we left this evening. We will catch up again with the final report. LCCC is now (8-10-1).

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