Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Permanent Chess Study Area is a Big Help!

Lighting is important. There is a light over the board, a light to illuminate the reading material on the left, and a light on the right for notes - and writing down move guesses before looking.

Chess books, chess magazines and family pictures are handy above. Two big black felt-bottomed paper weights are there to hold books open if needed.

Coffee on the right.

sA second board is handy on the far right. It is used to hold a position, as you play thru a variation on the regular board. Afterward, you can reset the original position to continue the game review. Quick reference chess notes in a holder on the wall to the left. The window, with the shade up, has a beautiful view of a lawn and trees - for serenity. More chess books to the right.
And finally, the monument to new technology. The computer station for on-line chess and for computer program analysis of games, chess positions and opening theory. Now, with this type of set up, you are ready to study hard an become a chess expert in no time. This.......and 10,000 hours of serious practice.


  1. excellent area to play and practice chess I like to play and thanks to my coach