Friday, March 28, 2014

LCCC Summer League Update

Some chess in the outdoors may be part of the Summer League.
Hello LCCC'ers. Sorry for the gap in posts, but sometimes life gets in the way of chess.
Wait a minute is chess! So, let's get bact to life.

LCCC had 15 players in attendance last week and 21 the week before. Lessons continue to be a priority, as well as plenty of casual games and even some Bughouse Chess! Fun stuff.

Thursday night at Teekos Coffee Shop, we had 6 players two weeks ago and 8 players this week. Included last night was a new player - a young man named Tom who stopped by. Tom is a very strong player for his age and we hope to see him at the club on Mondays also.

LCCC Summer League:
If the league leading Rabid Squirrels clinch the Winter League this coming Monday, we will start the Summer League a little earlier. We will announce the schedule ahead of time so everyone can plan their summer.

Please let the Tournament Director, Ken T - or Mike N know if you cannot play in the summer league. We will assume everyone wants in unless we hear otherwise.

As usual, it should be a competitive and fun league - and excellent practice for tournament like conditions (clock, keeping score and quiet (relative quiet - at least we try) while games are going on.

There is no cost to join the league and it is open to everyone. Also, the League does not run every week. There is a week or two gap between league nights - for casual chess, lessons or a night off. So don't think every Monday will be tied up. And as mentioned, the scheduled dates for the league will be given ahead of time so players can plan their summer.

If you would like to give chess a try at a little more of a competitive nature - at no cost - please email or stop by the club for more details.

We look forward to seeing you here at LCCC!

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