Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monday 042814: Open Chess and Ladder Tourney

The friendly game a chess is a great thing to do with friends.
With league play last week and next week, some of the LCCC'ers took tonight off. Nine players were in attendance, including the return of Gus S.
Gus is one of our stronger players but has been missing due to college classes, but he is back for the summer - and in the summer league!
To warm up, he played three ladder tournament games, winning all three and he moved right up the rungs! Well done Gus.
The Summer League still has two games to make up. Since it is more of a fun league, the TD is really working to hard to get the games played. Please help Ken T out by making appearances on non-league nights to get the postponements played.

White to move. Spring the trap.
Feedback tells me the last puzzle was enjoyed, so let's try another one.

White to move this time.

To get credit for this one, you must figure out White's THREE next moves. Hint:

Assume Black makes the moves needed to get back to an even game quickly.

The answer will appear in a few days in the comments.

Good luck ....and concentrate!

1 comment:

  1. Too easy...
    1. Nxc6 Qb6+ expecting to regain the piece, but
    2. Nd4! Qxd4
    3. Bf2

    and the queen has no squares