Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LCCC 2014 Winter League Champs are Crown - Summer League on Tap

Winter League Champs-The Rabid Squirrels!-(l to r)Scott, Luigi, Zach, Ken
The Rabid Squirrels took no prisoners. Needing only a tie to clinch the league title, they went out got a 3 – 1 win against the Tigers.
The Squirrels were the only team to change their names from the given name – Sixers. Maybe that is what propelled them to the championship – a little team spirit!

Team members by board number 1 – 4; Scott Marvel, Ken Tack, Luigi Milani and Zach Romeos.

Besides team spirit, maybe it was their team interchangeability. As the season wore on, all the players improved their play – a lot. So much so, that boards 1 and 2 – then boards 3 and 4 – were almost interchangeable. So the fact that you have a virtual Board One playing on Board Two – and a virtual Board 3 playing on Board Four – almost guaranteed 2 points every single round. That is tough to overcome for the rest of the league.

But the team that almost did that was the UNDEFEATED Flames! Now you may ask -  how does the only team that never lost a match – not win the league? Well, such is chess – as they only won two matched and drew an incredible eight matches! But…..they never lost a match. In the last round, the Flames defeated the Thunder 2.5 – 1.5. Good for second place alone!

The members of the Flames - the only undefeated team - from board 1 to 4 was; Aaron Jagt, Gene McClure, Americo Milani and Zade Koch.

In the other final round, the 49’ers defeated the Sonics 3 – 1.

Now – to the future; The Summer League!
Please let us know if you will be joining us for the LCCC Summer Chess League.
We need you here and you will have a great time being here!
The schedule will be announced soon. Same format as winter, as far as;
  • Each player gets an hour - G/60 (two hour total - starting at 7pm),
  • the teams will be determined by rating - on the 1st night of the league - keeping the teams as evenly matched as possible .
  • League games will be schedule on an every other week or every 3 weeks, depending on holidays and school closures. So there are gaps so you can do other things on other Monday nights during the summer.
  • Make up games (with notice given in advance) are at the discretion of your opponent (and was not a problem in the winter league).
Other fun things are possibly planned for the Summer League are some rounds with different things planned. Things such as;
  • a Chess 960 round
  • an Outdoor Venue round
  • a Blitz and/or Speed round
  • A cross over round - where you play your regular opponent in a 30 minute game, and the player directly above or below you for another 30 minute game - and your total score for the two games decides your result. (1st board plays 1 and 2 and 3 plays 3 and 4).
Any variations the TD (Ken T) decides to use (if any) will be selected and scheduled on a given night BEFORE the teams are chosen. So everything is determined by the luck of the draw!
The idea is to keep it light and lively - after all it is Summer!

Its free - and fun - so let us know by email if you wish to participate.
Or better still, stop by Teekos Coffee on Thursday or even better yet - show up for open chess at the Club on Monday at 6pm at the Hartland Senior Center, and tell us in person!

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