Sunday, April 27, 2014

First night of Summer League is off and Running!


Enjoy the Royal Game at LCCC
Well if you didn’t sign up for this league, you shorted yourself a good time. Of course any Monday you are not at LCCC, is shorting yourself a good time.
All new teams were formed – based on ratings. Some teams don’t have names yet, but we can still start publishing results.

In the first round, Team #5 defeated the Four Aces (2.5 – 1.5). It was a long struggle on board #4 that decided the affair as the last game running.

Team #3 defeated Team #4 (2.5 - .5), with one game still to play on Board #1.

The final pairing has the Red Dragons vs Team #2 and right now that match is still in doubt with the Dragons holding a (2 – 1) lead. Board #1 will play this Monday to decide the issue!

It is open chess this Monday, with some League games sprinkled in. Come on by for causal chess, a lesson or two or to watch the league action.

Black to move. Find the best next two moves.
Now for a chess puzzle. Find the best move for Black. We are even going to give credit for two possible moves – doubling your chances of success. However, you have to find the first move AND the follow up move!

So even though we will give credit for two paths to an advantage for Black, we want you to come up with Black’s first move, White’s best response and Black’s follow up move.

Hint: Black’s two moves are the same! It’s just a matter of preference as to what order you make them in. Fritz finds no difference in the order of the moves.

Ok, I guess it is not doubling your chances of success. You have to find the two best moves. I was trying to give you confidence.

Solution will be in the comment section in a week or so. Good luck and have fun.

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  1. The solution is either: 1. ....Qh3, 2. Nf1 (to stop Qxh2) then Nb5! this chases away the Knight from protecting the square Black needs for Be4! threatening mate with Qg2++.

    Also working just as well (and prettier) is 1. .....Nb5! where White is much more likely to play 2. Nxb5 almost instantly - allowing 2. ...Qh3! sacrificing the knight - then 3. Nf1 Be4 and wins with mate the next move.