Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LCCC Monday 041414 – Open Chess – and a Lesson Part 2

Study Time!
Fourteen players were here on a chilly Monday night. Casual chess was played, along with a group lesson put on by the Club President.
The lesson even included handouts to be used for a similar type study – that can be done at home.

It is just as important to also learn 'how to learn' chess.

If you want to pick up the game of chess, or want to get back into it, there is no better place to be than LCCC.

 Ok, back to our blog lesson. Go back one article to the diagram posted there. Set that up on your board. It is White’s move. Have we studied this position? If not, take a look for a few minutes, then read the notes from last time.

Also consider that if White does plan on attacking down the center, maybe he should be thinking of ways of preventing Black’s king from fleeing the center – probably with a maneuver of g6, Bg7 and then O-O. How does White prevent that? Can White prevent it?

Ok, after another few minutes of review, what did White actually play?

  1. Ba3 !?
This move fulfills most of the strategic requirements as White is hoping for a gain of tempo. By threatening the c-pawn forcing b6, then playing 2. Rae1. Then 2…...g6 would be crushed by 3. Qxf6!

White also had an answer for 2…..a6, followed by 3. …..Ne5 would be met with 4. Rxe5.

Nevertheless, 1. Bf4, preventing Ne5 and threatening 2. Rae1, then 3. Bd6 would have been considerably better.

  1. …… Rc8?
Black misses the opportunity to refute White’s move with 1. ….a6! , selling the pawn back to mobilize his e-pawn and stopping the attack on e7. After 2. Bxd7, Qxd7, 3. Bxc5, e5! White’s bishop is threatened so the en passant capture will not be there after the retreat of the bishop. Move order is very important!

2. Rae1     a6
Too late!

3. Bd3  …….

Threatening 4. Qh5+ and mate in two.
3. …..     g6

White to move. Find the best move!

Lets pause again. Now study this position and come up with a strong move for White.


Conclusion – next time!

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