Wednesday, March 12, 2014

League Night Round 9 - 2014 has Twenty Five Players

League action foreground - Casual chess and lessons in the background.
Let’s get right to the league results. The league leading Rabid Squirrels took care of business defeating the Thunder 3 – 1. Those 2 match points move the Squirrels to 14 match points – and either a 3 or 4 point league lead with only two rounds to go.

The Tigers defeated the 49’ers 3.5 - .5, and that moves the Tigers to 10 points and in second place – maybe temporarily.

In the last match – it is the Flames 2 and the Sonics 0 with two games still to be played. Health issues postponed the other two games until next week. It’s always best to keep the flu bug at home!

But the Flames have 2 points “in the clubhouse” - as they say – and that gives them 10 match points minimum, and keeps them in 2nd place with the Tigers.

The Flames also guaranteed to keep their undefeated season intact and can take 2nd place alone with another team point out of the two remaining games. Good job Flames!

A sign up sheet for the LCCC Summer League will be started next week. With the Squirrels possibly clinching the League title early, we may want to start the Summer League a little earlier.

The plan is for the Summer League to be a little lighter than the Winter League. Teams might be smaller - or bigger - and at least one week will be a Chess960 game.

Black to move and win in 3 moves.
Other ideas for different rounds are; Blitz match - 6 games (5 minute), Rapid Match - 4 game (15 min), or 2 games at G/30, etc.

Of course - if a majority of the players that sign up want to keep the same format - we will do that too.

In the mean time, here is a Black to mate in 3 moves puzzle. I’m sure someone will post the answer in the Comments eventually.


  1. 1. .. g4+
    2. Kh4 Nf3+
    3. Kh5 Qg6#

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