Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Game Corner: Ebb and Flow – part two

Everyone at the Club was discussing this game position.
Well sometimes a post goes viral! This post has hits quadruple of any other post – and growing! Why? Like the guy on Seinfeld at the city dump who is not accepting Kramer’s muffin stumps said – “That’s what I want to know about it.”

 Chess is such a beautiful game. As a self confessed wood pusher, I don’t have the chops to analyze anything but simple positions. This diagram is not. So, with the help of the software – Fritz 13 – I let the program sort out the ‘best’ moves.

In that Ebb and Flow game, Black blundered at move 20. But analysis showed an interesting range of possibilities at Black’s move 19.

Black to play move 19
It is the pivotal point of the game. The four best 19th move for Black can take him from an advantage (-1.8 pawns positionally) to a disadvantange (+2.3 disadvantage).

Here are the four lines. Of course, as you review each line, you may see different sub-lines. If readers want analysis on a sub-line, simply post a request. Something like: “in Line 2, instead of the move #X, what happens if he makes move Y?

 Line #1 (Black advantage -1.8 pawns)
19. ….    Nxh3
20.  Kf1   Qf4
21.  d5    Qxc4+
22.  Bd3   Qxd5
23.  gxh3   Qxf3
24.  Qxf3   Bxf3
25.  Bxh8   Rxh8
26.  Be4    Bh5

Line #2 (Actually played in game - White advantage +.4)
19.    ….   Bxf3
20.    Qxf3   g4
21.    Qe3   Rhg8
22.    d5   Qh4
23.     g3   Qxh3
24.    Be4   exd5
25.    Bh1   Ng6
26.    Bf6   Rc8
Line #3 (White advantage +1.0)
19.      Bb4
20.  Bxb4   Nxh3
21.  gxh3   Bxf3
22.  Be7    Bxd1
23.  Bxf6   Bxc2
24.  Rac1   Bf5
25.  Bxh8   Rxh8
26.  Kg2   Rd8

Line #4 (White advantage +2.3)
19.      g4
20.  d5   Qe7
21.  hxg4   Rhg8
22.  g3    Bd7
23.  Ne5   Bxe5
24.  Bxe5   Nh3+
25.  Kg2   f6
26.  Bc3    e5
Still a lot of game to play no matter which line is played! This is why chess is the greatest game in the world! Here is a position analyzed by a computer program rated at close to 2900 – and the four best moves find no quick decision.

Have fun with it, but learn from it. Go thru all the lines and try to see what squares the computer is taking, covering or is worried about.

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