Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Round 3 of the LCCC Chess League 2014

Another great night and round of chess at the LCCC.
League action gets underway!
Three games went right down to the wire. This means the stressed and tired players had to also finish their games with a throng of onlookers waiting to see the exciting time control scramble, the brilliant tactical shot…..or the pressure blunder!

 The Rabid Squirrels beat the 49’ers by the score of  3 - 1. This means the Rabid Squirrels have assured themselves to be in 1st place!

The Tigers still have one game left to play with the Flames. If they win it, they can only draw their match, but it will give them 2nd place all by themselves. If the Tigers lose or draw that game, the Flames are in 2nd place alone. It’s a biggie folks.

The top boards battle.
The Sonics defeated the Thunder 3 – 1, giving them at least a tie for 3rd place.

The winners were:
Sonics: Mike S, Dave S, Tom H.

Thunder: Luca M.

Rabid Squirrels: Scott M, Ken T, Zach R.

49’ers: Sam T.

Flames: Gene M, Zade K.

Tigers: Paul M.

In other (great) news, a new player joined the LCCC tonight, Gabe T. Welcome Gabe! Hopefully his brother, sister and even Dad will join also.
The Rabid Squirrels (L) vs The 49'ers
We also welcomed back Tim P and Ernan P. The club missed you guys.

The posting of the standings will be done as soon as the final game is played. Our next league night is November 18, 2013.

We are working on a Team Match vs Port Huron CC for November 25. We are waiting to hear if we can get the neutral site venue.
While league action is going on, others practice and wait for the call up to the Big Show!

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