Friday, October 11, 2013

LCCC League Week Two Ends in All Drawn Matches

I guess this result would always be true - if the ratings always hold true to form. But in actuality, it was a trade of mild upsets most of the way thru the pairings that got us to this result. That’s why we play’em.
The winners were;
Mike S
Dave S
Paul M
Dave L (Forfeit)
Vince V
Don J (Forfeit)
Mike G
Marcello M
Scot M
Ken T
Americo M
Zade K

So the standings remained the same, with only the point totals changing.
Tigers – 3 match points, 5 team points
Rabid Squirrels – 3, 4.5
Flames – 2, 4
49’ers – 2, 4
Sonics – 1, 3.5
Thunder – 1, 3
The next round is Monday, October 21 at 7pm. The schedule is (1st team listed has board one as white);
Thunder vs Sonics, Boards 1 – 4
Flames vs Tigers, Boards 5 – 8
49’ers vs Rabid Squirrels, Boards 9 – 12

In other news, the Port Huron Chess Club is working on submitting some dates to LCCC that might work for another club match. Hopefully a Home and Home series. Stay tuned.


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