Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bobby Fischer’s 1962 List of the Ten Best GM’s - #3 Wilhelm Steinitz

Wilhelm Steinitz
Here are Bobby Fischer’s comments on a World Champion:
“Steinitz was the first chess player to be called World Champion. He was given the title after his 1865 match against Anderssen. He is the father of the so called Modern school of chess.
Before Steinitz, the King was considered a weak piece. Steinitz claimed that the King was well able to take care of himself, and ought not to be attacked until one had a positional advantage.
Pawns ought to be left back. Steinitz claimed that since they cannot move backward once they are forward, they cannot protect the squares behind them.
Steinitz was only one year older than Paul Morphy and the two only met once – in New Orleans. But records indicate they never played chess or even discussed it.
Steinitz book knowledge did not compare to Morphy’s and where Morphy would play a book line, Steinitz was always looking for something completely original. He was a man of great intellect – an intellect he often used wrongly.
He understood more about the use of squares than Morphy and contributed a great deal more to chess theory.
Unlike many other players, Steinitz didn’t mind getting himself into cramped quarters if he thought that his position was essentially sound.”
Just a note to say that the league standings and results will be posted Friday. We have some make up matches to be played Thursday.

Also, one team did request a name change. So watch to see what place the Rabid Squirrels are in.

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