Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LCCC League and Schedule Set for 2013-14

Gene M in action
Eleven players were in attendance on this non-league Monday night. It was great to see Jason M back at NPP.
Tim R won his make-up league game to finish the first round. So now the schedule is set.
Here is next week's schedule:
Sonics vs Tigers
Mike S (W) - Matt T (B)
Dave S (B) - Ken L (W)
Tom H (W) - Paul M (B)
Alex D (B) - Dave L (W)

Thunder vs 49'ers
Vince V (W) - Tim Ritter (B)
John R (B) - Don J (W)
Mike G (W) - Sam Thompson (B)
Luca M (B) - Marcello M (W)

Flames vs Sixers
Aaron J (W) - Scott M (B)
Gene M (B) - Ken T (W)
Americo M (W) - Luigi M (B)
Zade Koch (B) - Zack R (W)

Here are the standings (match points - team points):
Tigers 2 - 3
Sixers 2 - 2.5
Flames 1 - 2
49'ers 1 - 2
Sonics 0 - 1.5
Thunder 0 - 1

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