Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 36-13: LCCC Plays Two Nights for the First Time!

Tom H in action at the Michigan Open
So, I guess you could call it Week 35-II-13 and Week 36-13.

We met at Teekos Coffee and Tea on Thursday and then our regular meeting on Monday (yesterday).

Nine players made it on Thursday and sixteen this Monday.

The big topic of conversation at the club right now is about the start of the LCCC Chess League of course.

The 2013 - 2014 LCCC League will be really REALLY great this year.
We have enough players for a league right now (Six 4-person teams), but bigger is better!
We have club officers willing to step in or step out - to fill in the teams or make the teams more competitive as needed.
They will even fill spots on teams should a player have to drop out or not show at the last minute!
The bottom line is this - the league and your team will be full and competitive!
We are looking at a double round robin schedule! One or two rounds a month - Sept thru May.
Holidays, sporting events, and even big chess tournament weekends (that Monday or the Monday after) have been avoided in the scheduling! A permanent schedule will be set after Week One
Players seeded to their own strength level.
Player ratings, and therefore the Teams have been selected by a committee.
Final teams will be "drawn" the first night of the league - Sept 23rd.
Rounds will start at
Games will be 60min / game (2 hours).
Substitutes are not permitted, but make ups are at the discretion of your opponent.
Full league rules will be emailed if you request them prior to joining.
League rules of course will be available on League nights.
There is no better way to sharpen your game, test your skill and have fun doing it! We still have league spots open, so there is still time to sign up!
Then, we will use any additional players wishing to get in the league as an alternate in a first come - first serve basis.

Since we are picking the teams on the night of the league, if you are present on Sept. 23, you will probably be in the league. If you have to miss, you need to get a hold of a TD (Ken T, Matt T or Mike N) to make arrangements. That may keep you in the league, but your opponent will decide if he will have mercy on you.

This league will be great, so get to the club or the email as soon as possible!

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