Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LCCC 2013-2014 League Kicks Off – with Pizza!

L to R: Mike G, Marcello M, Paul M and Dave L in League action.
Thanks to Club Secretary Don J., a little pizza was served as the final teams and pairings were finalized. Thanks Don! We got started about 7:15pm, but that will not be the case the rest of the way. The schedules will be sent out and 7pm the clocks will be started. The next league night – October 7, 2013.

Tonight, we welcomed new members Alex D and Dave L to LCCC also. Glad you were here.
The league settled in with 6 four person teams for a total of 24 players. This is a 25% increase in league growth and thank you to everyone for participating.  It is going to be a very competitive – yet fun league to be a part of.

Left: Alex D and Zack R do battle.
On to the action!
We had only one pairing finish their match tonight. The Sixers defeated the Sonics 2.5 – 1.5. Ken T and Zach R posted wins for the Sixers, while Scott M scored a draw against his higher rated opponent - Mike S - in a very tough game. Tom H got the win for the Sonics.

The Tigers lead the Thunder 2 – 0 at this point with two matches to be made up hopefully this Thursday. Paul M and Dave L got wins for the Tigers. The matches still to be played are the two top boards of Matt T (White- Tigers) vs Gus S (Thunder) and Ken L (Tigers) vs John R (White – Thunder).
In the final group, the Flames hold a 2 -1 edge over 49’ers with one match still to be played. Again, the top board was missing (I’m sensing a pattern here). Gene M and Zade K got victories for the Flames and Sam T got the win for the 49’ers. Still to be played, Tim R (White – 49’ers) vs Aaron J (Flames). No date yet for this match, but hopefully next Monday.
A quick note to thank our Rating Committee – (Ken T, Matt T and Terry G) for the good work they did. The ratings for players appeared to be solid in lieu of the fact that there was only one mild upset win and one upset draw. The higher rated players seemed to hold serve – so well done guys.
Next week there will be people ready to review the games played and give some instruction to the players who would like to do this. That is what a LCCC does – up the skill level of every member. Then when LCCC members join tournaments, they are ready to win!
The Standings, final schedule, new ratings and next pairings will be sent out soon – and posted on the blog.

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