Tuesday, September 3, 2013

LCCC Has a Good Showing at the Michigan Open!

Ken L accepting his Upset Award from TD Jeff Aldrich
The main thing was a great time was had by all! With great people come great times.

I also want to give some credit where credit is due. Jeff Aldrich did a fantastic job as Tournament Director. Thanks Jeff!

Here are the point results for Team LCCC’s players for the tournament – 7 points possible:

Pat Kinnicutt – 5 pts - Reserve section

Mike R. Smith  - 4.5 – Open section

Mike Nikitin – 4.5 – Reserve

Gene McClure – 4.0 – Reserve

Matt Trujillo – 3.5 – Open

John Ryskamp – 3.5 – Reserve

Sam Thompson – 3.5 – Booster Section

Ken Lambdin – 3.0 - Reserve

Tom Hosmer – 3.0 - Reserve

Paul Mills – 2.5 – Reserve

Emily Kinnicutt – 2.0 – Booster

In addition, Pat K was in an eyelash of 5.5 with a last round draw. Pat had the slight advantage – and tried to win it – but his opponent was up to the challenge to hang on.

Mike S played rock solid all the way thru against higher rated players every round. His last round win was text book at grinding away a small advantage to victory.

Matt T was on fire early and played way above his rating performance wise! To play this well against that field, after a pretty long layoff from tournament chess, was remarkable!

Ken L won the Biggest Upset Award – beating a player rated almost 600 points higher than him! Nice job Ken!

Our club finished 5th or so as far as club points. The deal was they took the results of the top 4 players for each club and our 18 points put us in the middle somewhere.

But I think every single player for LCCC is picking up rating points after this tournament! Every single player! I know there is no other club that can say that!
Thanks to Dave L, Ken T, Nick D and Vince V who came out and rooted us on. 

Congratulations to all who participated in the Michigan Open. Honor goes to the one setting foot in the arena – win, lose or draw.


  1. Great job everyone! I better watch out for Ken in those 'banter games!' He means business! -SR

  2. The Michigan open ended on Monday September 2nd, and still no results. Michigan has always had a problem With delivering timely results. No excuses. The us open which had 515 participants had ratings up in less than 24 hours after the tournament. Other States that have big tournaments seem to have ratings up immediately after. Michigan has lacked in this area for a long time, and will continue to do so unless, the powers that be, are out off office. Just facts!

  3. Well said. Despite the wealth of technology at its disposal to produce a top quality website and monthly magazine, MCA has sadly declined in the last two decades to the point of irrelevance. The website is a joke: there is no news coverage of events, no reporting of results, and no sense of community. Anyone else recall what an awesome job the late V.E. Vandenberg and Dave Moody were consistently able to produce each month for the Michigan Chess Magazine using typewriters? What exactly do MCA members get now for their membership fees?

    Hey MCA Leadership:

    * Why aren't you live-blogging major MI events? Refund the tournament entrance fee of someone who agrees to blog about an event between rounds.
    * Why aren't you twittering live MI events? You can have a twitter feed widget on the MI website you know?? Refund the entrance fee of someone who agrees to officially twitter about an event.
    * Why aren't TD's using social media to communicate event status? Make it easy for them!
    * Why aren't you posting timely event results online with a crosstable, a summarizing paragraph or two, and a few pictures?
    * Where are the annotated games of MI players?
    * Why don't you require MCA tournament directors to file a tournament report. Just the facts so that others who are so inclined can pick up the feed and blog about it (like the LCCC!). Have a one-page, online web form they can fill out and submit. Very easy to do.
    * Why aren't you investing in software automation to allow the free and easy archiving and exchange of chess information in MI? Where is the MI games database? Where is the MI player database?

    I think it's time that a new organization emerge to compete with MCA -- one that thinks outside the box. If the existing MCA leadership continues to ignore these issues, I call for MI chess players to just stop recognizing it as an authoritative body and to boycott it.

    Who else out there agrees?? - JCM

  4. Well Mike N was right. Everyone who participated gained points. Here are the pre and post ratings.

    Mike Smith 1882----->1974
    Matt Trujillo 1822----->1889
    Pat Kinnicutt 1438----> 1532
    Mike Nikitin 1455----> 1485
    Gene McClure 1522----> 1534
    John Ryskamp 1263----> 1315
    Ken Lambdin 1037----->1177
    Paul Mills 1165------>1172
    Thom Hosmer 995------> 1014
    Emily Kinnicutt 202-----> 206

  5. Mike Nikitin has informed me that I missed one of our members. I apologize but Sam Thompson also participated and gained rating points

    Sam Thompson 589--->674

  6. Jcm, you are 100% correct. MCA is a joke. Its all about scholastic chess, and that's all in this state. I haven't seen a Michigan chess magazine in about a year in a half. Not to mention the last one I did receive, was about 15 pages of absolutely nothing. David moody is a legend. We'll be hard pressed to ever have someone that talented deliver a consistent magazine. If it wasn't for, All The Kings Men Chess Club, This blog site, Port Hurons Monthly Chess Chatter, and a few other organizations, Michigan Chess would be totally irrelevant. We have all the resources to get things how they should be but "The powers that be" are stuck in their ways. Change needed to come a long time ago. These people have been running things for 15 years too long. If your a Michigan chess addict, you should be very pissed off and insulted by the efforts of the MCA. Just facts!