Monday, September 16, 2013

LCCC Week 37a – Seventeen Players on Pre-League Monday

Vince V in action
A nice showing tonight on the Monday prior to the LCCC League starting. More on that late
We welcome back Scott M to the LCCC club. He had taken an extended visit to Arizona, but returns in time to join the League. Great timing! Welcome back Scott.

 Vince V wins his Ladder game tonight and moves into the top spot! Congratulations Vince! Can you say…

Sam T and Marcello M also won Ladder games; Sam moving up and Marcello holding his spot. Nice job guys!

Now – about the league – it starts next week! We have 30 players that have said they want in! Please let me know if you want in – but more importantly, if you are IN and changed your mind – please let me know!

We will pick the teams around 6:45 and get the round started as close to 7pm as possible. Your early attendance next Monday would be greatly appreciated. Schedules have been made for all possible scenarios, so all that is needed is your timely arrival.

Two league players have stated that they may have trouble making the first night. Well, every attempt will be made to either give their team a bye in week 1 or pair them with a team with a member that has no problem allowing a make up game on later Monday or Thursday. But there are no promises!

It should be a very close, entertaining, and fun league. Next week – it’s go time!


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