Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bobby Fischer’s No. 5 Greatest Grandmaster

Mikhail Tchigorin
Mikhail Tchigorin

"Although dead for 60 years [Ed. Note: 100 now], the Russians still call Tchigorin the father of Russian chess. He was, in fact, one of the last of the Romantic School and a good all around player.
Although beaten by Steinitz twice, Tchigorin was the finest endgame player of his time. Although, judging from his notes, he often over-analyzed positions.
Steinitz and Tchigorin were rivals – they represented respectively – the new and the old school of chess. Although Steinitz was 30 years older than Tchigorin, after winning, he happily said, “Youth has triumphed!”
Tchigorin had a very aggressive style, and was a great attacking player. He was always willing to experiment and sometimes lost to weaker players. He was easily discouraged, which held him back from even greater heights.
He was not really an objective player and would often continue playing a bad line even after it had been refuted. It was not until years later that he would finally stop trying to refute Steinitz lines, and started playing them himself.
Tchigorin was the first great Russian chess player and is still one of the best of all time."
Bobby Fischer - praising a Russian chess player? Wow!
PS: LCCC chess league starts Monday! Be there!

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