Monday, September 2, 2013

Team LCCC - at the 2013 Michigan Open

We got it fixed! Matt Trujillo is in the Open Section and having a great tournament.
Just having too much fun and too busy to post! The schedule is tough. The games are grueling. But as we go to lunch, review our games, yuk it up, rest up - and also visit with the well wishers that show up to root us on, there was no time to get a report in.

All of us in the tournament want to thank Dave Long (davesquared), Ken Tack and Vince Valente for visiting us at the playing site for moral support.

Your Vice President, Ken Lambdin was also busy looking into getting a guest speaker or two for lectures. FIDE masters Fred Lindsey and Seth Homa may be coming by LCCC soon! Nice job Ken.

Also, LCCC is now a proud owner of our very own demostration chess board! They had a sale and since we had 4 of the 5 officers present, the motion was made and it passed! So, we are ready for speakers - as well as some help for Jason and Terry with lessons for all of our members.

A report on the Michigan Open will be on the way soon. So stay tuned!

PS: LCCC is closed tonight for the Labor Day weekend. See you on Sept. 9.


  1. Lots of exciting news! And a very good call on the demonstration chess board. It'll be a great teaching tool for Terry and Jason to be sure - not to mention great for guest speakers (nice job, Ken!). Looking forward to hearing how everybody did next week at club.

  2. I'll be back in Howell on Sept 30. Looking forward to catching up with everyone.
    Right now, I'm following the MI Open. Mike! You need to blog the event while eyeballs are on LCCC!!!! If you don't do it, who will??? Send me your games... anyone's games... and I'll look them over and get them on the site.
    GO LCCC!!!! Best of luck guys and keep your kings safe. - Jason

  3. Michigan open results are taking a long time to get back. Must be short handed :(

  4. I heard Seth Homa won the Open section at 6.5 with Atulya Shetty 2nd at 6 pts and GM Ben Finegold finished at 5.5 (a draw with Shetty and a last round loss to Homa). Bens games are on his Blog:

    -Scott R.