Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Time to Sign Up for the LCCC Chess League!

Everyone is welcome to join our chess league!
The League will run from September to probably April or May (to be determined as to how long).
One Team match per month - starting at 7:00pm - on a regular club Monday night. 

Time limit for the games will be G/60 minutes.

There is NO COST to join the league! 
But a $1 donation per round to the Hartland Senior Center would be appreciated - but not mandatory.
Players will be set into teams based on rating (Harkness system used - Terry G keeps the ratings record), making the teams as fair as possible.
It is scheduled to be set up as 3-person teams, with an A, B and C player on each team.
We are hoping to have an 8 team league, but plan on a 6 team league like last year.

But it all depends on the number of players who join! It may be four - 4 player teams, or whatever combination makes sense.
We will set it up as best we can, trying to avoid bye weeks if possible.

Games forfeit rules for no show/no call will be standardized and strictly enforced this year! 
LCCC has three TD's who will oversee the league this year, so it will be the best run chess league since the old Metro League of Detroit.
League nights were the best chess nights last year and we expect the same this year. Come join us for all the fun!

If you cannot attend LCCC as a regular but would make the trip once a month for the league – that is ok too! We will put you on the list and put you on a team if we can – and we probably will be able to!
Just email us or stop by the club one Monday evening before September goes too deep.

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