Tuesday, August 13, 2013

LCCC Week 32-13 and #9 on Bobby Fischer’s Top Ten List

We had 13 players on a rainy Monday night. Actually, I think the all day rain subsided just about the time of our 6pm start. It never rains on LCCC!

Some club news:
Both Ken T and Gus S are ready to serve as club Tournament Directors! So it is a matter of getting an answer from the Hartland Senior Center as to the availability of our location to hold one.

Terry G. is ready to organize and run the LCCC League. Applications will go out shortly. Even if you are not a club member and would like to join our league, please send us an email with your contact information and we will be in touch!

And now: # 9 on Bobby Fischer’s list of the top ten greatest chess masters - as of 1964 that is.
Mikhail Tal

Mikhail Tal

In a game against Smyslov in the 1959 Candidates Tournament, Tal gave away a bishop for nothing, just to develop an attacking formation, and eventually won the game.

It was one of the most unusual sacrifices I have ever seen, and typical of the daring play of this Russian grandmaster.

He is always on the look-out for some spectacular sacrifice. Tal is not so much interested in who has the better game, or in the essential soundness of his own game, but in finding that one shot – that dramatic breakthrough that will give him the win.

Tal is not a sound player, but a brilliant player. Tal has no respect for his opponents and frightens almost every player he opposes.

In honesty, I must say, I was never frightened of Tal, even after my four consecutive losses. And I still say his play was unsound.
[Ed. Note: Hmmm….if you lose four in a row to someone, something is wrong with the soundness of your play. But who am I to argue with Fischer?]

Chess writers are fond of talking about the “rise and fall of Tal”. But Tal never rose as high - or fell as far - as they claim.

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