Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bobby Fischer’s Ten Greatest Players of All Time

Sammy Reshevsky
When Bobby made this list, he was 20 years old – eight years before he won the title from Boris Spassky – around 1964. 
This will explain why the likes of Kasparov or Karpov and the great players after them – are not listed there.
However, it is a list based solely on the review of these chess masters games by Bobby Fischer himself. And Bobby did not place himself on the list.
Enjoy the list and we will start with #10:

Sammy Reshevsky
For ten years – 1946 to 1956 – Sammy was probably the best player in the world! I think that if he would have played a match against Botvinnik, Sammy would have won.
His chess opening knowledge was less than any master – probably around a B player level. But he was a machine at calculating every variation and had to find every move by process of elimination! He could probably analyze more variations in a shorter period of time than any master who had ever lived.

But he always was in time pressure and usually had to play the last 20 moves of every game in 20 minutes. But still managed to win somehow.

By reason of his tenacity and ability to fight the overwhelming odds of a poor opening memory, he deserves a place on my list.

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