Saturday, August 3, 2013

LCCC at the US Open - Day Eight

This is what 552 chess players look like when every section merged.
This is the scene prior to today's Blitz (5 minute) Championship!
Warming up before the Blitz Tournament.
Pondering: "I go there, then .....Knight takes, Bishop takes, castles...then Bishop takes pawn check!" 


  1. Where were girls like this when I was learning chess??? And Mike... for a reasonable amount ... your wife won't see the other pics you took ;-)

  2. Chess babes! (To bad I'm getting old....)

  3. Notice the smiles on those two young women. It's a common occurrence whenever women notice that our beloved Mike Niks is paying attention to them.

  4. LCCC scraping up Mike's bail money in 3...2...1