Tuesday, August 27, 2013

LCCC Week 34 – 13; League is Definitely a GO!

Teeko's Coffee and Tea, NE corner of Grand River and Latson Rd.
We had twelve players on a beautiful summer night! Lots of casual games played, while discussions of the Michigan Open, future tournaments, the upcoming club league and the return of The Ladder filled the air! Even talk of adding a Thursday night addition to the club!

 We will have over a half dozen representatives at this weekend at the Michigan Open from what is sounded like. And LCCC is not done heading to tournaments as there was plenty of discussion about plans to go to other upcoming events.

All this is a great indication that the LCCC league - and regular club nights - will be well attended. There is no better place to practice and discuss your games than at the club!

 The League Rules are set. The League Committee has been selected to establish the ratings of the players entered and make the teams. All we need now is commitment from enough players. We are planning on SIX  4-person teams! We have 17 players signed up as of this writing.

This league – meeting usually once a month - is going to be great fun and a balanced competition, so step up and get in!

There has been discussion of resurrecting The Ladder Tournament. Your humble scribe has always been a fan of this club favorite. If utilized, it gets players of similar strength on a collision course for exciting chess – every week! What is not to like about that? In addition, it gives the lower strength player the ability to try their hand against the slightly stronger players. The Perfect Club System!

The Ladder will return on September 9, with the players being placed on it by a Presidential Executive Order!  
Probably random again.

And, just before going to print! A news flash from our Vice President, Ken L.
“I talked to the friendly owners of Teekos Coffee and Tea, at 751 North Latson Rd, Suite A, at the corner of Grand River and Latson in Howell, and they said we are welcome to play chess at their coffee shop on Thursday night. Just buy a drink and you are in!”

Well that is fantastic news! Ken L and Mike N will be there this Thursday to get a little team study in before the tournament the next day. Maybe some of you LCCC’ers can stop up and check out our new Thursday location!

LCCC just serving the public their federally mandated minimum daily requirement of chess – every chance we get!
Build a mind – play chess!

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  1. Great to have a second night/location for play! Is the Thursday night time the same (6pm) as Monday? I could not find any mention of it...